4 Top Social Media Healthcare Digital Marketing Strategies for 2020

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To build engagement with the patients, medical practices need to make social media a part of their healthcare digital marketing strategy.


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4 Top Social Media Healthcare Digital Marketing Strategies for 2020 To build engagement with the patients medical practices need to make social media a part of their healthcare digital marketing strategy. Social media has become a powerful tool to build a worldwide community of millions of people. Many industries are now investing in social media marketing to engage with audiences and promote their enterprise. In addition to enhancing everyday communication social media helps people gain relevant and timely information about healthcare. Social media for healthcare contributes to increased communication with patients including prospects and promotes organizational transparency. To engage and interact with the patients healthcare businesses need to make social media a part of their healthcare digital marketing strategy. Around 90.4 of millennials 48.2 of baby boomers and 77.5 of Gen Xers use social media platforms. In 2020 more doctors are expected to use social media to communicate with potential patients. Social media marketing in healthcare refers to the use of social networking sites like Facebook Twitter LinkedIn etc. to engage with audiences and promote business. The main objective of social media marketing is engagement. It allows doctors to share factual information and inform the public of important health issues. Many healthcare professionals use Facebook Groups and Instagram hashtags to connect with

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people. Healthcare providers need consider how they use these networks to inform patients of their existence. The rising use of social media by healthcare marketers has led to the discovery of new and innovative ways to attract more traffic. Hootsuite’s latest report “Social Media Trends Report 2020” revealed four top social media trends that can benefit healthcare marketers in 2020. • Expressing an opinion about social issues: Taking a strong stand on any issues discussed on social media is one of the top most social media trends of 2020. Actively participating in an issue discussed on social media helps medical brands gain popularity among potential patients. There is an opportunity for medical marketers to link these issues with their healthcare brands and improve brand identity. Healthcare marketers should look out for relevant issues being discussed on social media and support the cause to connect with their audience. • Create content for Millennials and GenZ: Millennials and Gen Z are driving changes in social media quickly. So medical marketers should keep up with the social media platforms that these generations like. Facebook and TikTok are two platforms that healthcare marketers can use to grow their healthcare business. However the Hootsuite survey found that marketers are not focusing on Tiktok very much probably because it is a relatively new social media platform. Around 50 percent of users in the U.S. are under age 34 and the highest number of unique users falls in the 18-24 age group. For example medical marketers can use Tiktok for ad campaigns by making short healthcare related videos. • Ensuring a balance between private and public marketing: Public marketing drives broad reach and brand discovery whereas private channels focus on developing deeper relationships through one-on-one engagement with patients. In 2020 medical marketers would do well to focus on bringing the right balance between public and private marketing to provide seamless and personalized experiences in both spheres. Medical marketers should understand how potential patients are using these platforms for their medical needs. • Using new social commerce tools to measure social conversions: New social commerce tools are making a large amount of data available to healthcare providers. Valuable information on the conversion stage of the patient journey can help medical marketers gain a better idea about how people research providers and schedule an appointment. They can use this information to build brand awareness and improve direct digital marketing efforts.

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Popular platforms for healthcare social media marketing • Facebook: Facebook is the leader of the social media platforms with around 700- million registered users. Facebook works as a connected and targeted community for patients. • Twitter: Twitter offers an opportunity for healthcare brands to listen and respond to patients and provide the resources they need to improve their health. • LinkedIn: By posting on LinkedIn healthcare marketers can meet the needs of doctors recruit resources and establish greater trust. • Instagram: Using Instagram for healthcare marketing can attract new patients increase visitor traffic to your website and provide opportunities to improve your branding and your brand identity. In today’s digital world doctor and hospitals should maintain a proactive presence on social media. This helps to build patient engagement loyalty and satisfaction. Companies providing medical SEO services help hospitals medical practices and other medical entities implement effective social media marketing strategies to improve traffic visibility and ranking and above all to build social media engagement with their audience. 800 941-5527

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