Knee Replacement Surgery: Overview

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Knee replacement is a surgical process done to resurface the knee joint.


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TABLE OF CONTENT  What is knee replacement  Knee joint  When is knee replacement needed  Who is a good candidate for the surgery  Procedure  Complications  Recovery  Knee replacement in India

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WHAT IS KNEE REPLACEMENT  Knee replacement is a surgical process done to resurface the knee joint.  The procedure involves replacing a totally damaged worn out or diseased knee with an artificial joint to reduce functional disability and pain.  Knee replacement is also known as Knee Arthroplasty.

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KNEE JOINT Knee joint is one of the joints of the human system. It allows lower leg to move in relation to the thigh to support the weight of the body. Knee Joint helps in performing the following activities:  Sitting  Standing  Walking  Running

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WHEN IS KNEE REPLACEMENT NEEDED Knee replacement is major surgery. It is recommended if other treatments such as steroid injections or physiotherapy havent helped in reducing pain or improve mobility. Most common reasons for undergoing this surgery are:  Arthritis Age related arthritis  Rheumatoid Arthritis chronic arthritis  Post traumatic Arthritis Caused due to severe knee injury  Haemophilia  Gout

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WHO IS A GOOD CANDIDATE FOR THE SURGERY Knee replacement surgery is suitable for a patient who has:  Severe knee pain and stiffness  Continuous pain in the knee  Chronic Knee inflammation and swelling  Chronic Knee deformity  Failure of previous medical treatments used to cure the pain in the knee

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PROCEDURE  Surgery is usually performed under general anaesthesia.  The procedure usually takes about 1-2 hours.  The damaged cartilage or bone is excised and replaced with a plastic implant or metal for restoration of alignment and function  An incision of about 8-10 inches long is made over the knee cap area to gain access  Once the knee is open the surgeon rotates the patella outside the knee area

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 The thigh bone or femur is first bone to be resurfaced.  The damaged cartilage and bone from the femur is cut and then resurfaced so as to fit the end part of the artificial prosthesis.  The femur is then implanted and sealed with bone cement.  The metal femoral component is attached to the end of the femur  Bone cement is then used to seal it into place.

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 After that tibia is resurfaced and attached with a metal or plastic prosthesis.  The bottom part of the implant the tibia tray and is fit to the tibia.  After the tibia tray is placed a medical grade plastic is inserted in between the femur and tibia tray.  This acts as a buffer and supports the joint  The knee cap patella is readjusted according to the implant to ensure a proper fit.  The knee is then bent and flexed to ensure proper positioning and movement.  The procedure is completed by closing the incision with the help of sutures.

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COMPLICATIONS A few general complications that can arise after the surgery include:  Limping  Infection  Deep venous thrombosis  Stiffness in the knee  Cosmetic appearance the knee may look different  Inequality in leg length  Patella problem- patella knee Cap can get dislocate  Hyperglycaemia  Congestive heart or Haemorrhage problems in extremely rare cases

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RECOVERY  You should follow your doctor’s suggestions to recover faster.  Most patients can begin basic movement right after the surgery.  Patient can expect to start walking with support before leaving the hospital.  First post-operation visit is 4-6 weeks after the surgery.  Swelling is normal for about 6 months but can be reduced by regular application of ice packs.  Patient might observe blood accumulation after the surgery which results in a bruised area around the knee. It disappears with time and is normal.

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KNEE REPLACEMENT IN INDIA  Knee Replacement in India is provided by highly experienced orthopaedic doctors and surgeons at accredited hospitals.  The hospitals in India have cutting-edge and modern technology  These chains of hospitals don’t compromise on the quality of services.  The cost of this surgery is lower as compared to other western countries such as the US.  India is the best destination to get your knee treatment done.

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