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We provide custom medical equipment leasing programs to meet your goals and objectives. Our medical equipment lease provide the lowest rate in the industry. Let us help you finance your new equipment.


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Medical Equipment on Lease:

Medical Equipment on Lease No Payments Till 2013

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RGS Innovations has partnered with the most reputable financial organizations that provide the most flexible medical equipment leasing programs in the industry. For over 20 years, our partner has provided custom, innovative and flexible healthcare equipment financing solutions for their clients.  They are a strong believer in building medical equipment leasing programs that are built upon integrity and service. If you are opening a new practice or adding new technology to an existing one, leasing medical equipment makes the most financial sense. Leasing medical equipment allows you to save your cash for a rainy day and gives you the flexibility to add the best medical equipment while allowing your patient volume to pay for it. We pride ourselves in providing simple applications, quick and flexible credit decisions and expedited funding. About medical-equipment-lease

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Leasing Programs Fair Market Value – FMV This type of lease offers you the option to purchase the medical equipment at the conclusion of the lease term for its then current Fair Market Value or you can just return the medical equipment. $1 Buyout This is probably our most popular option because it allows you to purchase the medical equipment at the conclusion of the lease term for $1. It’s popular for those practices whose intent is to keep the equipment a little longer, thereby giving the most flexibility to resell in the future. Cont…

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Leasing Programs 10% PUT Option Our 2nd most popular option, due to the fact that the monthly lease payment is slightly lower than the $1 buyout option. This option allows you to purchase the medical equipment for 10% of the sale price upon the lease termination. Therefore, if you are not certain whether if you want to keep the equipment, this option gives you the most flexibility. Custom Tailored Medical Leasing Programs If any of the above does not meet your needs, please contact us. We will discuss your goals and objectives and develop a plan accordingly. Cont…

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Leasing Programs Practice Builder Program If you are starting a new practice or want to build up your cash reserves, this is the best option for you. With this option, the first 3 payments are only $99, followed by the next 3 payments at 1% of equipment cost, and then your normal payments would kick in. It gives you 6 months to build up the volume or increase your cash reserves before having your normal payments kick in.

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