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Excessive shedding of hair leading to thinning or pattern baldness is a cause of serious concern for many men and women. MD laser and Cosmetics offer hair loss treatment to prevent baldness.


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Hair loss Symptoms Causes and Treatment Excessive shedding of hair leading to thinning or pattern baldness is a cause of serious concern for many men and women. It is common to lose 50–100 strands of hair each day. However when the hair loss exceeds this number leading to bald patches or hair thinning then one must consult an experienced dermatologist soon who will diagnose the cause and help one get the best treatment that will resolve the problem for good. There may be various causes that may lead to hair loss. Some of the important causes that may lead to hair loss problems are- genetic factors poor nutrition stress underlying health condition fungal growth and dandruff. Unlike men who experience receding hair line leading to partial or complete baldness women experience thinning of hair widening part and in rare cases may have bald patches. If you want to prevent excessive hair fall and avoid losing the confidence then it is best to get early Malassezia hair loss treatment from an experienced dermatologist or a trichology’s. Malassezia is a type

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of fungus that is naturally found on the skin of humans. The overgrowth of this fungus causes inflammation and leads to more secretion of sebum or skin oil that can lead to seborrheic eczema. Getting early Malassezia hair loss Treatment in San Mateo from an experienced doctor would not only check the growth of the fungi but will also improve the health of your scalp leading to a full and luscious hair. Here is a checklist of some important steps to follow that will help you resolve hair loss problem caused due to the poor health of the scalp and fungal growth. 1. Choose an Experienced Dermatologist You will find a number of dermatologists and an array of hair care products in the market. However it is very important to choose a renowned and experienced dermatologist who will help you get the required treatment. The dermatologist will not only diagnose the cause of hair loss in your case but will also treat the same using advanced tools and technology. 2. Get Rid of Itchy Scalp Through Shampoo Based on the health of your scalp and hair condition the doctor may prescribe a medicated shampoo or suggest you try natural supplements to stop dermatitis flare-ups. Using Aloe Vera probiotics or essential oils would help resolve the problem of Hair miniaturization in San Mateo. Apart from this MD Offer best hair growth products to Prevent Hair Loss issue. ✓ MD Nutri Hair ✓ MD Hair Restoration System ✓ MD Follicle Activator ✓ MD Follicle Energizer ✓ MD Scalp Essentials ✓ MD Revitalizing Shampoo 3. Follow A Comprehensive Treatment Program Once you visit your dermatologist and start the treatment you must follow your doctors’ suggestions and get the problem resolved by periodic checkups and completing the treatment courses. Keeping your

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scalp healthy and maintaining the required changes in your diet and lifestyle will help you get rid of hair loss problem in a seamless way. 4. Choose Best Hair Care Product Using the prescribed hair oil and saying strict no to a shampoo containing chemicals will go a long way in preventing irritation or excessive fungal growth. You should also go for periodic scalp massage that will improve blood circulation in the affected regions and promote the growth of new hair follicles. Getting the best Malassezia hair loss treatment in San Mateo from an experienced dermatologist will help you address all issues related to the same and will let you maintain a youthful and attractive look for long. Read More: Hair Loss - Introduction Symptoms Major Causes