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Threats Biggest threat- ‘’Complacency’’ ‘’Inflation Point’’- a Disruptive technological change New Competitors with Different Skills and Potent B rands Challenge 3G will Increasing C ompetition B etween S uppliers Cheaper Midrange M odels from Motorola and Others

Advantages of SWOT Analysis:

Advantages of SWOT Analysis Consolidate Strengths Minimizes Weaknesses Helps to Grab Opportunities Minimizes Threats Facilitates Planning Facilitates Alternative choises Helps to Innovate Ensure Survival & Success


Weakness Lapse has opened up space for smaller competitors Potential threat from Microsoft’s entry into mobile telephony Ericsson-King of Wireless infrastructure Design to market takes more time

What is SWOT Analysis:

What is SWOT Analysis It is a non-financial planning tool It links the analysis in term of advantage & disadvantage , & the internal & external business environment. The Strength and Weaknesses are defined by measures such as market share, loyal customers, level of customer satisfaction and product quality. Opportunities are new potential areas for business in the future, such as new market, or new conditions in existing markets. Threats describe how the competition, new technology or other factors in the business environment may affect the business’s development.

SWOT Analysis on Nokia :

SWOT Analysis on Nokia strengths Strength of the corporate brand. Complexity improves its competitive position Design, the branding and the technology Backwards compatibility- protection from a japanese onslaught Lending personality to its products(fashion statement) Effective advertisement and market communication Not only a tool for business but being an item of everyday convenince


Opportunities Highest growth in markets such as China and L atin America Feature-loaded phones to act as an offset Providing value at a seasonable lifetime cost Life style marketing and segmentation Building a worldwide supplier network Preempting competitors in critical markets Managing competitive interaction

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