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Engineering & Computer Science


Agenda Structure of College Advising Why see an advisor Preparing in advance Advising Tools Upcoming registration Transient Course Work Academic Resources

Where are we located?:

Engineering 1 Room 107 (407-823-2455) Where are we located?

Academic Affairs Advisors::

Academic Affairs Advisors: Dr. Melissa Dagley [email protected] Meena Datta [email protected] Alisha Corsi [email protected] Kim Small [email protected] Paul Edlen [email protected] Engineering 107 (407)823-2455

Why do students need to see an advisor?:

Pre-requisite Help Grade Forgiveness Withdrawing from Classes Transient Course Work Course Planning Make sure you are on track to graduation Why do students need to see an advisor?

Preparing for your Appointment:

Have a plan Review your Degree Audit Develop a tentative schedule Write questions down Research Bring information with you Be on time Preparing for your Appointment

Advising Tools:

CECS Website ( ) Advising Academic Departments Scholarship Listing Tutoring Schedule (Engineering 1, room 281) Curriculum Check Sheets Online Catalog Degree Audit myUCF Advising Tools

Successful Registration Strategies:

Review the Schedule of Courses Know your “Appointment Time” Posted in your myUCF Student Center in early October Make an appointment with your advisor CECS students register for major courses during their first two years and should work closely with an advisor Know important deadlines for each semester Add/Drop Fee Payment Withdrawal/Grade Forgiveness Successful Registration Strategies

Academically…where should I be?:

Completing approximately 32-35 hours by the end of the semester and completing…… Academically…where should I be? Engineering MAC 2313 EGN 3310 Computer Science COP 3502 COT 3100 Foundations exam

Transient Status:

You must complete a Transient Student Form BEFORE you register for those courses The purpose of the form is to make sure that the courses you are taking at another school will transfer back to UCF If attending a Florida State school or community college, the Transient form can be found at If attending an out of state school or private institution, you can pick up and turn in your transient form in ENGR 1, room 107 Transient Status


Engineering Tutoring Lab: Engineering 1, 281 University Math Lab: Math and Physics 113 Student Academic Resource Center : Howard Phillips Hall 115 Tutoring Supplemental Instruction Study Skills Professors Department Websites Experiential Learning Internships/CO-OP Resources

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GET INVOLVED IN YOUR COLLEGE! Join student groups in your major ! CECS Club Showcase Engineers Week

Student Responsibilities:

Your are responsible for your Education Email- Check your Knights mail regularly Timely graduation Life-long Learning Student Responsibilities

Next Steps…:

Meet with an in the College of Engineering and Computer Science Academic Affairs Office Before your appointment time Begin meeting with your professors regularly Set goals for the future Next Steps…

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