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Mobile Applications have become an indispensable part and our lifestyle has become more relaxed and hassle free. Information Source :


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TECHNO BUZZ Mobile Apps Explosion : Making Life Easier Mobile Applications have become an indispensable part and our lifestyle has become more relaxed and hassle free. The smartphones and applications they carry are changing the way we interact travel eat i.e. they are changing every aspect of our lives. Right from the moment we wake up in the morning to news consumption throughout a day gaming photo sharing booking a cab shopping every moment has now become a mobile moment. They have become an indispensable part and our lifestyle has become more relaxed and hassle free. With smartphone penetration now at 50 percent in the U.S. the world of apps is also seeing a rise in popularity. According to a new report from Nielsen mobile consumers download more apps than ever before with the average number of apps owned by a smartphone user now at 41 a rise of 28 percent from the 32 apps owned on average last year. The question that needs attention is whether applications have changed our lifestyle or is it the other way round Once started with basic emailing the application market is slowly and steadily venturing into areas like health and fitness Education agriculture and rural development. MTV Networks recently released the results of ‘Love ‘Em or Leave ‘Em: Adoption Abandonment and the App-Addled Consumer’ a thought leadership study conducted in partnership with Latitude. According to the study Apps are changing our life in 3 Fundamental ways: APPS ARE A WNDOW INTO THE WORLD: 91 of participants said: “Apps expose me to new things.” NIKE IS CHANGING THE WAY PEOPLE MOVE Nike in December last year launched the ‘Nike+ Fuel band’ that is changing the way people go about their daily training and how they manage their fitness goals. The company aims to build an ecosystem of apps around its Nike Fuel platform and in the process to increase loyalty among users of its FuelBand device. Healthcare: Although health applications won’t ever replace the doctors but they are expected to be widely accepted by people for the diagnosis and treatment of medical ailments. Applications such as ‘Diabetes Diary’ successfully monitor blood glucose level insulin recordings and offer an added functionality to forward the data being recorded to healthcare professionals via portals or email. Education: Education and learning is no more restricted to hefty books and journals. With more and more people becoming addicted to the backpocket proximity of the handheld devices learning has even gone mobile. The Applications like ‘mMentor’ that lets you learn the bits and bytes of highly competitive Telecom Industry while on move is in demand these days. LIFECYCLE OF AN APP APPS CREATE ‘ M E ’ MOMENT: 87 of participants said: “Apps let me have fun no matter where I am or what I’m doing.” APPS MAKE EVERYDAY ‘LIFE’ BETTER: 77 of participants said: “Apps are my personal assistant.” 1 MobileComm Professionals Inc.

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TECHNO BUZZ APPLICATIONS MARKET OVERVIEW The term ‘App’ was listed as ‘Word of the Year’ by the American Dialect Society in 2009. Most popular App stores: Total Downloads: 50 BILLION Total Apps Avail: 850000 Total Downloads: 3 BILLION Total Apps Available: 120000 Total Downloads: 365 MILLION Total Apps Available: 116583 Source : Total Downloads: 48 BILLION Total Apps Avail: 800000 + Total Downloads: 16 MILLION Total Apps Available: 75000 Total Downloads: ½ MILLION Total Apps Available: 145000 Room for Growth Reach Your Potential Clients Across India US Africa Canada and Australia Most Popular Type of Apps Wide variety of mobile apps are available among which the most popular ones are for games that accounts for total of 33. Widgets hold 8 Entertainment 7 Social 5 and Lifestyle music photography productivity together accounts for 4 of the total share. Tools communication and utilities on the other hand hold 3 of the total share. Advertise on Telecom Buzz Contact : 2 MobileComm Professionals Inc

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