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This is a presentation for teachers to learn about a literacy strategy called Think Pair Share that can be used with grades 3-adult.


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Activating Strategy Think Pair Share Donna McElveen Curriculum Specialist/ Literacy Coach Literacy Strategies for all content areas Grades 3-12

PowerPoint Presentation:

Learning Objectives: Think Pair Share- To work together in a cooperative learning environment To engage students in activating their prior knowledge and sharing of a topic . To utilize graphic organizers as pre-writing tools Description: During this activity, students will have individual time to think about a question related to the topic of study. They will then pair up with a partner to share their thoughts. Finally, the pairs will select one major idea to share with the entire class. Responses can be written in the share section of the worksheet . SC Standards: 6.4.1,4.2.6

Step One:

Step One Teacher should generate a higher level question related to a topic being studied.

Step Two:

Step Two Teacher can pass out the Think, Pair, Share activity sheet or have students write on paper their thoughts on the question.

Step Three:

Step Three Then divide students in pairs and have students share individual thoughts. Pairs should summarize their common ideas.

Step Four:

Step Four Pairs will then choose one common major idea to share with the entire class.



How Think Pair Share Enhances Literacy:

How Think Pair Share Enhances Literacy The Think-Pair-Share structure gives all students the opportunity to discuss their ideas. This is important because students start to construct their knowledge in these discussions and also to find out what they do and do not know. This active process is not normally available to them during traditional lectures. Click on the horn to hear how teachers are using Think Pair Share

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