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Nancy Ward:

Nancy Ward Brandon Arnold M emorial Elementary School 2013-2014


PERSONAL FACTS Born in : 1738 in choate Her Mother’s name: was Tame Doe Her father’s name: was Five Killer Brothers and sisters: none

Nancy Ward is famous because…:

Nancy Ward is famous because… She led the Cherokee to victory against the creek warriors.


Family Her Dad’s name was Five Killer. Her Mother’s name was Tame Doe. H er First Husband’s was King Fisher. H er 2nd husband’s name was H er Son’s name was Five Killer.

Cool facts about Nancy Ward:

Cool facts about Nancy Ward She married settlers after King Fisher died. She joined the ladies council . She named her son after her father.


pictures Old Nancy Ward Young N ancy Ward

How many kids did she have.:

How many kids did she have. She had 2 children.

Nancy ward’s death and birth:

Nancy ward’s death and birth Born In 1738 in a village named Choate. Died in 1824

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