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Sam Davis:

Brandon Mayfield Elementary Sam Davis

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Facts of Life Birth Date and Place : October 27 , 1842 , Farm near Smyrma , Tennessee Mother: Father: Siblings: None Wife: None Children: None Death Date: November 27, 1863 Death Place: Burial Place:

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The Early life of Sam Davis Sam Davis was born on a farm near Smyrma . Sam Davis attended Military Academy in Nashville. Sam Davis had a easy life but he did have a bad experience with his father and mother. Sam Davis joined the Rutherford Rifles which you fight in war and he was called “ Boy Of The Confederacy” because of his bravery and Sam Davis had no brothers or sisters.

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Cool Facts About Sam Davis He joined the army at age nineteen and passed through Mississippi , Tennessee , and Chattanooga. He also was called “Boy Of The Confederacy” because of his bravery. H e fought in the American Civil War

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After the war, he was hanged by rope because he was known as a spy to the Federals then he was caught. Sam Davis sent a note to his mother and father saying “ I will die tonight by the Federals.” love your one and only son. And as he gets to the rope he says” I’d rather die 5,000 deaths than to betray a friend.”

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