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Famous Tennessean:

Famous Tennessean Sam Houston Chloe Mayfield Elementary 2013

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Facts of Life Birth Date and Place: 1793 Mother: Father: Siblings: H e has eight brothers and sisters. Wife: He had three wives Children: No children Death Date: 1893 Death Place: Lexington, Virginia Burial Place:

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The early life of Sam Houston: He had a hard life because of the war and he got hurt . H e got shot with an arrow in the thigh . Sam Houston’s education

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Sam Houston’s jobs were : Govenor tow American states lebanon a lawyer and was elected . Sam Houston is famous because : He came back to his white society and then in the battle of Horses shoe Benin 1814 be came a hers when he fought on arrow wound in his thigh.

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Tennessee would be different if S am Houston had not been born because Cool facts about Sam Houston:

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