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Japan Randall

Flag of Japan:

Flag of Japan

Facts About Japan:

Facts About Japan Capital: Tokyo Population: 127,368,088 Language: Japanese Religion: Shintosim and Korean Continent: Asia Climate: Varies from tropical in south to cool temperature in north Currency: yen Bordering Countries: none

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Government and Leaders of Japan Type of Government: Republic President or Leader’s Name: Emperor Akihito and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Large Cities: Osaka Kobe, Kitayushu , and Nagoya

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Culture of Japan Foods they eat: rice and noodles Music they like: Japanese music Dances they do: parades Clothing: Red shirts

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Cool Facts

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About the People Crops they grow: rice, sugar beets, vegetables Work they do: among world’s largest and technologically, machine tools Life expectancy, Men: 80.5 years; Women: 87.43 years Holidays: Christmas What people do for fun: celebrate parties and holidays Schools and Education: reading books and dictionaries

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Places to Visit

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