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Olympic Airlines | Travel with My Pet 2019 Maxwell Miah Airline Change Flights 9/24/2019

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Olympic Airlines | Travel with my pet I ’m an avid traveler and a pet lover. Honestly more than humans I adore dogs and cats. I have a dog of my own and his name is Fetch. I usually leave my pet back home when traveling however this one time I wanted to to go to New York to visit my family and felt that fetch should travel with me as well. Thus I had to figure a way out to take Fetch with me Olympic Airline Change Flight Thus I called up Olympic Airline Change Flight and spoke to Olympic Airline Customer Service. Nevertheless I always book my flights through this platform as it offers me and other travelers like me cheap airline deals cheap airfares and best offers. I gave all my information and also asked if my one- year-old domesticated dog could travel with me in the passenger cabin. Thus the Olympic Airline Customer Service and Olympic Airline Change Flight were very helpful and guided me through the process of traveling with my pet in the passenger cabin Pet policy at Olympic Airlines Hence they first asked me whether my pet was domesticated and other questions that would allow him to travel with me in the passenger cabin. Also Olympic Airlines Customer Service told me that I did a good thing by calling them way in advance as pets are accepted on the flight on a priority basis – as there is not much space for pets. Thus being one of the first ones to inform the airline – Fetch had a spot with me There were many other things to look at like the kennel requirements and the health documents that had to be carried. Nonetheless the fares would vary from 50 EUROS to 160 EUROS. Kennel for pets traveling in the passenger cabin Thus while getting a seat in the passenger cabin for Fetch I was told what the kennel should be like and that every need and requirement should be met. - The pets should be put in a special box - Also pets will have to be in the container throughout the flight - Thus It ’s the owners responsibility to provide food and water to their pet in the flight - Passengers with the pet in the cabin are only allowed to sit in window seats that are not in the first row emergency exit row or the adjacent row

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My journey with my pet Thus thanks to Olympic Airlines Customer Service Fetch and I found ourselves on the flight. He didn ’t cause any trouble and was silent in his kennel. Nevertheless I also gave him food and water when I felt he needed it. Thus this was the first time I was traveling with Fetch and honestly Fetch seemed quite excited as well. I reached my destination and as soon as we were out of the airport – I took him out of the kennel and let him run free Thank You Olympic Airline Change Flight Thus thanks to Olympic Airline Change Flight and Olympic Airlines Customer Service Fetch and I had a good and comfortable journey. Not only does this platform provide cheap airline deals and best offers but also make travels with pets possible