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Resident Studios are amongst the finest suite of recording studios in London.


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Recording Studios in London Resident Studios are amongst the finest suite of recording studios in London. We have the three recording control rooms. Studio A Studio B Studio C Resident Studios Ltd. 57a Windsor Road, Willesden London NW2 5DT 0208 830 4321 Email: [email protected]

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Recording Studio A Our main control room A is beautifully crafted to provide excellent acoustics, essential for accurate monitoring. One of the great features of this flagship studio is the total flexibility of design, that allows, say, a small three-piece to record in the main control room.


Recording Studio B The second control room B is more compact, ideal as a recording/mixing station for less ambitious projects. This is an ideal space to begin or develop your project before perhaps mixing or mastering in one of our larger studios.

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Recording Studio C The editing suite, or Studio C as it is affectionately known, is where – you guessed it, we do most of our off-line editing. Mastering Mastering is the final stage of any recording process and is what transforms a well recorded and mixed track to an amazing sounding, commercially ready product.

Recording Studios in London:

Thank You! Find out more about Recording at Resident Studios. Please be sure to leave your phone number as well as email, only by talking to our engineers directly can you discover what we can do, and the best deals.

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