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Connecting communities with health and fitness Fitspot

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Create your very own user profile Rate and discuss popular current and upcoming fitness events Organize and collaborate around community fitness events Recommend an area fitness center or professional Connect with a local fitness training professional Share fitness and health information to other users How you can participate What can offer to you? Fitness information and news Guide to local area races, charity runs and fitness events Guide to local area fitness and health centers Commentaries from local area fitness professionals Local fitness training appointments at a discounted rate Expert research and data studies in the fitness field Fitspot

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interactivity Fitspot Connecting regular users with local fitness professional users and other members Profile information will briefly feature shared voluntary workout routine and health lifestyle data Users will be able to share and manage fitness and health information Users will also be able to check in to their local fitness establishments Users, profiles and much more

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Fitspot news Users will be able to share health and fitness related articles to other users Users will be able to comment on article postings Articles will fall into a specific health and fitness category and will go through a scanning process to ensure it is field related Shared news will allow the most critical up-to-date health and fitness information to all users Sharing information improves the health and fitness of all users

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Fitspot events Users will be able to see exactly when and where health and fitness events are occurring in their local community Events include charity runs, 5k races, fitness conventions or even a local gym’s class schedule for the week will be posted by users Users will be able to check in to any of these events to promote community participation Gathering users and fitness professionals to create movement

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Fitspot research Users will able to provide external/internal survey and research study data about fitness Users can participate in surveys posted by local health and fitness centers in their community. Such obtained data will be vital to how gyms and fitness establishments continue their everyday operations. Data provided by users will create change in the health and fitness industry Impacting decision-making strategies in the health and fitness industry gallery Users can share photos of local fitness events Users will be able to download any photo will be shared in events

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