County Sports Partnerships - Day 1 Opening Plenary

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Lee Mason, Executive Director, CSP Network:

Lee Mason, Executive Director, CSP Network County Sports Partnerships Helping you create a legacy in your communities …

CSPs: helping you create your legacy…:

CSPs: helping you create your legacy… CSPs & the changing landscape Linking with NGBs Helping you create legacy

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Current levels of links with CSPs.......

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CSPs & the changing landscape for sport

a reminder…:

a reminder… County Sport Partnerships are: A network of local agencies that are committed to working together to increase participation in sport and physical activity. Led by an independent strategic Board and supported by a central team of staff, who provide a range of roles to support the work of the partnership 49 CSPs come together to form a powerful nationwide network

What are we about? County Sports Partnerships…:

What are we about? County Sports Partnerships… Deliver National Policy in local ways Nurturing relationships to secure the best for sport & physical activity Helping programmes, clubs and communities flourish

The changing landscape for sport:

The changing landscape for sport Less national, centrally driven programmes and funding - more local autonomy a period of unprecidented change and uncertainty - new Government, new policies and cuts to public finances – need to do ‘more with less’ ‘Big society’ and localism seeks third sector to deliver more and public sector to deliver less Strategic commissioning growing and likely to continue to do so. Local Authority funding cut - sport services under pressure NHS - emerging new ‘Public Health Service’ in LAs & new GP Consortia Other new infrastructure eg LEPs, Health & well-being partnerships New 2012 mass participation legacy plans Lottery funding increasing School Sport Partnership funding cut

Implications for CSPs:

Implications for CSPs Some funding cuts to programmes and from partners applying pressure on budgets & staffing Reduced capacity in the local delivery network CSPs seeking to diversify funding, improve sustainability, embed their role, and grow their impact. Core funding from Sport England committed until 2015 A key role in new London 2012 legacy plan

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“the county sports partnerships are one of the few relatively stable parts of the sector” “CSPs are our key delivery network” “we are going to need CSPs now more than ever”

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Links with NGBs


NGBs CSPs contracted by Sport England to help NGBs link with local areas to deliver their plans… This works both ways! What can you offer? NGBs increasingly developing less formal and mass participation opportunities and interventions CSPs support including coaching, clubs, facilities, funding Contact your CSP to identify opportunities

Helping you create your local legacy:

Helping you create your local legacy

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London 2012 mass participation legacy plan

Mass Participation Legacy :

Mass Participation Legacy Iconic facilities (£30m) Inspired facilities (£50m) Protecting Playing fields (£10m) Places People Play Sport Makers (£2m) Phase II - Club Leaders (£2m) Gold Challenge (£4m) Sportivate (£32m) Disability Sport ( £ 8m) NGB investment – Mass Participation Programmes School Games ( £ 35.5m)

Sportivate Headlines:

Sportivate Headlines £32 million Lottery revenue (£8 million per annum) 300,000 to complete weekly coaching sessions 120,000 to continue playing sport regularly …give participants aged between 14-25 the chance to receive 6 (to 8) weeks of coaching sessions in a sport of their choice and support them to continue participating in sport Contact your local CSP to get involved

Sport Makers Headlines:

Sport Makers Headlines Recruit, train & deploy 40,000 new sport volunteers Inspirational workshops 10 hours of volunteering – increasing participation Challenges Identify, recruit and register potential volunteers Develop an attractive menu of volunteering opportunities Contact your local CSP to get involved

Other legacy opportunities:

Other legacy opportunities Links with LOCOG – Inspiremark, Torch relay, Live Sites, ticketing, GamesMakers Local opportunities – Pre-Games Training Camps, local legacy initiatives eg community games, athlete support, business engagement programmes

Next Steps:

Next Steps Establish, develop and maintain close working relationships with your CSP Thank you!

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