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Matthew Ledvina allocated time at Baylor University before leaving for Paris. After he returned to the United States, he started his path toward tax law. He earned a Juris Doctor from Vanderbilt University Law School, and a Master of Law focused on taxation from New York University School of Law.


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Matthew Ledvina Matthew Ledvina is a specialist tax adviser for Aerium Strategies and a director for a Fintech company in London which focuses on asset-backed lending.

About Matthew:

About Matthew Without any doubt nearly 15 years of experience in providing US tax advisory services, Matthew Ledvina has provided advice to clients on financial matters such as trusts, banking, and taxation.


Matthew Ledvina enjoys moving on to new projects and challenging himself, which is why he is always pursuing new areas.


Matthew Ledvina has traveled around the world, going to places in the Middle East, Latin America, throughout Europe, and Russia.


Matthew Ledvina is a managing director at a Fintech company located in London


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