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Matthew Ledvina is a managing director at a London Fintech company and a Zurich and London-based venture capital fund. His colleagues there have played a significant role in forging his current career path.


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Matthew Ledvina

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About US Matthew Ledvina is currently a specialist tax adviser for Aerium Strategies , a US tax director for a US tax compliance firm, and a director for a Fintech company in London which focuses on asset-backed lending. In 2010 Matthew became co-founder of a law firm with physical locations in Zurich, Geneva, Valencia, and Madrid that focused on providing assistance and advice on taxation and trusts, with clients in the US, Spain, France, Italy, Middle East, and Latin America.

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Our Company Matthew Ledvina Current Roles Matthew Ledvina is a managing director at a Fintech company located in London. Matthew Ledvina is an international tax adviser who has startup powerful clients from around the world. Matthew Ledvina is fluent in English and French . He also has a good knowledge of German and Spanish.

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Matthew Ledvina Work Experience In 2004, Ledvina joined the multinational law firm, Baker McKenzie. In his role as a US tax adviser, Ledvina would provide cross border advice to families with US connections, which he continued to do in his later role at a boutique law firm. Ledvina created the boutique law firm in 2011 by Ledvina along with some of his colleagues from Baker McKenzie, and the company specializes in tax planning and compliance, FATCA and CRS, insurance products, art held on trust, asset protection, relocation, and tax proceedings. In 2018, Ledvina co-founded Aerium Strategies to continue advising cross-border families with US connections. Ledvina is also a director of ATAS SA, providing US and UK tax compliance services.

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Inheritance and Estate Tax Planning: art and Other Assets Inheritance tax in the UK is reaching record levels, with an expected £900 million increase expected to be collected by the government over the next five years. Exploring the Future of Humankind and Artificial Intelligence Artificial intelligence plays a key role in the future of humans, so Harari postulates on the possibilities and challenges for humans in a future where artificial intelligence takes over from human intelligence. The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act Explained Matthew Ledvina  has gained a wealth of experience in this area since FATCA came into play eight years ago. 

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