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INTRODUCTION Medicinal plants, medicinal herbs, or simply herbs have been identified and used from prehistoric times. Plants make many chemical compounds for biological functions, including defense against insects, fungi and herbivorous mammals. These chemicals work on the human body in exactly the same way as pharmaceutical drugs, so herbal medicines can be beneficial and have harmful side effects just like conventional drugs. However, since a single plant may contain many substances, the effects of taking a plant medicine can be complex. Medicinal herbs are plants that are used for medicinal purposes. Other types of herbs include culinary herbs, used to flavor food, and aromatic herbs, used to add fragrance. Medicinal herbs cover a wide range of types of plants. They can be annuals or perennials; woody or herbaceous; sun loving or shade requiring.

அருகம்புல் Arugampul:

அருகம்புல் Arugampul

ARUGAMPUL Botanical Name: Cynodon dactylon:

ARUGAMPUL Botanical Name: Cynodon dactylon The juice of this grass is applied over eyes for eye diseases. For epistaxis, the juice of this grass is applied as nasal drops. The decoction prepared from one fistful of this grass, half parts of vettilai or betel leaves and 1/4 parts pepper is an excellent blood purifier.

Blood Purification:

Blood Purification

அரளி Arali:

அரளி Arali

ARALI Botanical Name: Nerium Indicum :

ARALI Botanical Name: Nerium Indicum Nerium has various medicinal uses and the leaves and flowers are thought to have actions as tonic, cardio tonic, diaphoretic, diuretic, emetic and expectorant.  Leaves and flowers are also used to treat malaria and as traditional medicine it induces the termination of embryo. The plant of Indian oleander is thought to possess anti-cancerous activities. 

Malaria and Anticancer Activities::

Malaria and Anticancer Activities:

கறிவேப்பிலை  Curry Leaves:

கறிவேப்பிலை   Curry Leaves

CURRY LEAF Botanical Name: Murraya Koenigii:

CURRY LEAF Botanical Name: Murraya Koenigii Curry leaves are used in ayurvedic medicine to control heart disease and treat infections as well as inflammations. The leaves are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C. They also have  antimicrobial properties. They are also said to have anti-diabetic properties Curry leaves are efficient at treating anemia because they contain iron and folic acid. Folic acid encourages the body to absorb iron.

Heart Disease, Anemia, Antimicrobial :

Heart Disease, Anemia, Antimicrobial

வெத்தலை Betel leaf:

வெத்தலை Betel leaf

BETEL LEAF Botanical Leaf: Piper beetle:

BETEL LEAF Botanical Leaf: Piper beetle Betel leaf juice is credited with diuretic properties Betel leaves are beneficial in the treatment of nervous pains, nervous exhaustion and debility. The juice of a few betel leaves, with a teaspoon of honey, will serve as a good tonic. Fomenting the stomach (incase of children) with heated leaf of betel cures stomach ailments.  The leaves, soaked in mustard oil and warmed, may be applied to the chest to relieve cough and difficulty in breathing.

Nervous pains, Stomach and Respiratory Disorders:

Nervous pains, Stomach and Respiratory Disorders

பன்னீர் ரோஜா Paneer rose:

பன்னீர் ரோஜா Paneer rose

PANNEER ROSE Botanical Name: Rose Cent folia:

PANNEER ROSE Botanical Name: Rose Cent folia Rose petals are rejuvenating and prove to be a tonic Used to treat Internal asthma, High Blood Pressure, Bronchitis, Slow circulation, Diarrhea, Dysmenorrhea, Cough, Fever and Fluid retention. The tea also effectively cleanses toxins and heat from the body. A decoction prepared from rose petals is an effective natural remedy and treatment for bladder infection.

Toxins, Blood pressure, Dysmonorrohea:

Toxins, Blood pressure, Dysmonorrohea

கற்றாழை  Aloe Vera:

கற்றாழை  Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera Botanical Name: Aloe Indica:

Aloe Vera Botanical Name: Aloe Indica Aloe Vera is useful for treating X ray burns, dermatitis, cutaneous and disorders of skin. The drug from its juice is tonic and used in jaundice, amenorrhea, atonics and piles. Aloe Vera gel has the remarkable ability to heal wounds, ulcer and burns. The acid present inside Aloe Vera is used as an effective pain killer. It is used to make antiseptic, which can kill mold, bacteria, funguses and viruses.

X-ray Burns, Painkiller, Ulcer:

X-ray Burns, Painkiller, Ulcer

கற்பூரவள்ளி Karpooravalli:

கற்பூரவள்ளி Karpooravalli

Karpooravalli Botanical Name: Coleus ambonicus:

Karpooravalli Botanical Name: Coleus ambonicus It is stimulant, expectorant and diaphoretic. Juice of fresh leaves is used for urticaria and allergic problems. It smoothes the muscles of the uterus and the intestines. It also plays a vital role in muscle relaxation. Helps to regulate female menstruation cycle. Prevents gas formation. Helps to regenerate new cells and tissues in the body.

Allergic, Menstruation, Regenerate new cells :

Allergic, Menstruation, Regenerate new cells

சரக்கொத்தினி Kalluruki:

சரக்கொத்தினி Kalluruki

KALLURUKKI Botanical Name : Coparia Dulcis:

KALLURUKKI Botanical Name : Coparia Dulcis It is used for the treatment of Kidney Stone Whole part of the raw plant grind and use for this purpose. It also used for the treatment of inflammation, fever, wounds, ulcer, skin diseases. It increases the activities of plasma insulin.

Kidney Stone:

Kidney Stone

ஊமத்தை Datura Metal:

ஊமத்தை Datura Metal


DATURA METAL Datura metal is for relieving asthma, cough, tuberculosis and bronchitis by smoking the dried leaves. Cigarettes made with the leaves are also used to treat Parkinson's disease. It is used to treat hydrophobia, epilepsy, convulsion, syphilis, inflammation of the breast, small pox, mumps and leprosy.

Parkinson’s Disease, Asthma:

Parkinson’s Disease, Asthma

செம்பருத்தி Hibiscus:

செம்பருத்தி Hibiscus

HIBISCUS Botanical Name: Hibiscus Rosa Sinesis:

HIBISCUS Botanical Name: Hibiscus Rosa Sinesis In Ayurveda, red and white Hibiscus are considered of high medicinal value and used in various forms to treat cough, hair loss and hair greying. It has properties that are used in cosmetic skin care.  Oil extract of hibiscus is used for applying on open wounds and wounds caused by cancer. It acts as a natural appetite suppressant, helping in dietary weight loss. 

Hair loss, Weight loss, Wound Healing:

Hair loss, Weight loss, Wound Healing

எருக்கு Erukku:

எருக்கு Erukku

ERUKKU Botanical Name: Calotrophis gigantia:

ERUKKU Botanical Name: Calotrophis gigantia For poisonous snake bites, 2 to 4 leaves of this plant is chewed well by the patient. Also fresh root of this plant are crushed well and applied well by rubbing firmly over the bitten area. The leaf juice along with honey is given internally for intestinal worms. The leaves are dried well and powdered and externally applied for unhealing ulcers. The latex is externally applied over dental problems.

Snake Bites, Intestinal worms, Dental Problems :

Snake Bites, Intestinal worms, Dental Problems

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