Solid Wood Or Engineered Wood - Which One Is Better


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When you are planning on furniture for your kitchen or bathroom in particular, it is always best to buy plywood online in Bangalore. However, for other furniture, you may consider other options, depending upon your requirements.


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Solid Wood Or Engineered Wood – Which One Is Better – Mathaji Hardware Whatever kind of furniture or wooden item you are planning to customize you need to be very specific as to the kind of wood you want to choose. Should you use natural wood or artificial wood Will solid wood be a better choice for your project or will engineered wood be better Here’s the solution to your doubts. Solid wood Natural wood Solid wood is the natural product obtained by cutting down trees. Traditionally it was solid wood that was used to build all kinds of furniture mainly handcrafted ones. The furniture is made from slabs obtained by cutting down big matured trees. There are mainly two types of solid wood – hardwood oak maple teak rosewood and softwood pine white cedar rubber wood. Each solid wood differs in colour texture and thickness and because it is all natural you will see your furniture having beautiful grains with no two surfaces looking alike. And what goes unsaid is that solid wood furniture is extremely strong and durable which is

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why solid wood furniture lasts for decades and is passed on from generation to generation. However one drawback with solid wood is that its surface can get damaged by moisture. This makes it an unlikely option for outdoor furniture as it is likely to get wet during the monsoons. Also many indoor furniture pieces aren’t made of solid wood especially those that are likely to come in contact with any kind of liquid or moisture. And to end it all solid wood furniture is extremely expensive because of the labourious process and the fact that is a non-renewable source as forests take a long time to grow back. Engineered wood Artificial wood Engineered wood has come into fashion taking into account the number of forests being damaged to only make solid wood furniture. This wood is an artificial wood that has proven to become a great alternative to solid wood. It is made by binding strands fibers and particles together with adhesives to make a wide range of products such as plywood particle boards MDF HDF and veneer boards. These kinds of woods are cheaper than solid wood and are also more environmentally sustainable. They are also resistant to moisture unlike natural wood thus having them to last longer when used in furniture for kitchens and bathrooms where there is maximum usage and spill of water. Solid wood or engineered wood – Which one is better To sum it all up natural wood is heavy strong durable and lasts for decades but it is also expensive not resistant to moisture and not eco-friendly. On the other hand engineered wood is light in weight affordable moisture resistant and eco-friendly. Speaking of durability in general it is less durable than natural wood but more durable when used in places having lots of moisture or water usage such as kitchens and bathrooms.With all these facts clearly understood you should now be in a better position to

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understand what you need to purchase. If only durability and longevity is what you are looking for then natural wood is the best choice. But if you want something that is affordable and eco- friendly opt for engineered wood. Also if you are looking to build furniture for your kitchen or bathroom there’s no better choice than Century plywood the unprecedented choice of architects and interior designers And Mathaji Hardware gives you the option to buy plywood online in Bangalore conveniently from your home amidst this Corona virus pandemic having your products delivered right at your doorstep. Follow us on: Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube

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