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Activism Project : 

Activism Project By: Kinsey Mash

Cooking for a Cause : 

Cooking for a Cause The purpose of our project was to raise money for the Susan G Komen foundation. To raise money we decided to have a bake sale We had the bake sale at a campus event, Vulvapalooza We made a total of $52!

My Role… : 

My Role… Baked brownies and no bake cookies Made a poster advertising the bake sale Reserved the space outside of the library

Positives and Negatives : 

Positives and Negatives Pros Cons The project was not very stressful. The project was fun and easy to organize. It benefited a good cause. I got to meet new people by organizing an event. We did not sale as much as we planned. The location of the bake sale was not the best. We should of advertised more than we did.

What Would I Change? : 

What Would I Change? The location of the event Make the length of the sale longer The advertising about having a bake sale: Make flyers Tell all my friends/Professors

What I would do the same? : 

What I would do the same? Donate to the same origination: Susan G. Komen Foundation. Sale a variety of baked goods. Sale at a on campus event that relates to women. Work in a small group with just one or two people.

How is this Feminist? : 

How is this Feminist? It relates to women’s health Breast Cancer affects the lives of many women The organization is directed toward woman

Wrapping it up… : 

Wrapping it up… Overall I feel that this project was a great success. I feel that: We made a significant amount of money We made people aware of the facts of breast cancer We feel good that we helped someone out We were able to organize our own fundraiser

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