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Elephant Batteries are online wholesale battery suppliers in Canada who eventually offers high quality products at much lesser price as compared to physical stores.We offers (Duracell, Duracell Procell, Fujitsu and others) in popular sizes.Our service includes free shipping,brand name batteries,delivering the goods on times as well as delivered top-quality products. For more details visit : www.elephantbatteries.com


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Welcome to Elephantbatteries.com, we are wholesalers of Alkaline Batteries focusing in the North American Market. Our objective is to provide the best business to business service for Alkaline Batteries to our customers, providing the best prices in the Alkaline Battery market. ELEPHANT BATTERIES.COM

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ALKALINE BATTERIES Alkaline batteries are primary batteries dependent upon the reaction between Zinc and Manganese Oxide. We provide alkaline batteries at cheaper rates as compare to others.

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Duracell batteries are the world's leading brand and the world's largest battery producer known. A Duracell batteries supplies good life and high performance of your application. It is chargeable and non-chargeable variations available. Duracell rechargeable battery has a higher density, and therefore more time and less recharging may need to be used. Furthermore, high power storage capacity, these batteries such as digital cameras, gaming devices, MP3 players, etc. compatible, requiring high power outputs which are best suited for high-drain electronic devices.



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Fujitsu Batteries are long lasting batteries having high power. These batteries have best performance for all range of devices. These are leakage proof batteries.


DRY CELL BATTERIES A Dry Cell battery uses an immobilized electrolyte that minimizes moisture and allow for superior portability .


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