My Computer Keeps Freezing! - How Can I Stop My Computer Freezing


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My Computer Keeps Freezing! :

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The Problem:

The Problem My computer kept freezing! When I was working, it suddenly froze up. Then the screen and mouse stopped moving. Sometimes it would restore after few seconds. But most of the time I could not even use Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+ Alt+ Delete. I had to shut it down by cutting the power. This problem kept bothering me for months. Even if I reinstalled my system, but after a period of time, it occurred again! I was very frustrated. I asked a friend of mine. He told me that he had the same problem before and it was probably the problem of registry. And he successfully fixed the problem by using a registry cleaner .

How I Fixed the PC Freeze?:

How I Fixed the PC Freeze? Then I downloaded one of the Best Registry Optimizers from and use it to scan my registry for the errors. What a surprise to me! There were over 1000 errors in my registry! Then I used the Registry Optimizer to fix all the errors! And the computer freezing problem never occurred again!

The Real Cause of PC Freezes:

The Real Cause of PC Freezes I was curious that how registry could cause computer to freeze. After searching for the reasons, I knew that registry was the database of a computer which contained all vital information of a computer device drivers and programs. Everything that worked on the computer needed the information in it. Without it, programs, devices and the wholes system could not work properly! But it is very fragile. It can be easily deleted and damaged by virus, some illegal operations like shutting down computer without exiting all the programs or cutting power, and other issues. After computer running for a period of time, the registry has errors more or less. And the errors will cause computer freezing, slow performance, programs not responding, blue screen and so on.

The Way To Fix:

The Way To Fix To fix the problems and avoid serious errors, you can click here to use a registry optimization tool that I use to scan and fix your registry errors on a regular basis. This Registry tool not only scans and fixes registry errors but also can optimize Windows systems from all sides so as to improve PC performance.

The Best Registry Optimizer:

The Best Registry Optimizer By carefully comparing most famous system optimization tool on the internet, the website ( ) has find out the 3 best optimization tools in the test. You can click here to read the PC Optimizer reviews . No.1 No.2 No.3 Registry Easy Official Site Perfect Optimizer Official Site Advanced PC Tweaker Official Site

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