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4 Email Marketing Steps That Beginners Must   know to Accelerate Their Sales    I should concentrate on more important things rather than be wasting my time and                             resources. I need more ​email marketing strategies ​. Is this sounds like you If yes then it                                 would be safe to bet that you’re a beginner and have just started your business and                                 don’t want anything to spoil your marketing steps and for you it’s correct Why would                               you give any chance to any stuff ruined your hard work        There is no doubt that ​Email marketing is an old and very effective marketing technique                               not to only grow your sales but to grow your business and enhance your brand image.                                 So there are some points which you should be very careful about while introducing email                               marketing in your marketing channel.      1. Grow Your Email List    The first and foremost part of email marketing is your subscriber’s list after all no                               subscribers no email list right To accelerate your email marketing strategy all you have                             to do very first is to maintain an up to date database of your subscribers. Growing your                                   email list actually contains three major steps.

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Make An Easy Opt­In    Always make your approach very easy for people to become your subscribers. So                           always try to ​make your subscriber opt­in an easy approach your subscriber. Use your                             homepage or any place where you can find good no. of subscribers and try to take some                                   of their personal information as well so that you can apply some sort of personalization                               to your emails. But don’t go crazy about taking information as too long subscription form                               can even freak out people.         Be Truthful To Your Customers    Growing your email list not only mean to gather as more subscriber as you can even                                 though you have to lie before your subscriber. It’s completely wrong and never tries this                               and I repeat never do this or it will spoil you whole branding you have done till date.    So always provide a clear information to your customers that why you’re taking their                             information and what they will get in return.     Subscribers Segmentation    It is an important part of growing your email list as this will help you in segmenting your                                     subscribers and though you can segment their needs and at last will always provide                             them an exact information what they actually need.

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So start grouping up your customers according to their needs their past purchase their                               profession etc. and follow these three small steps and start growing your email list                             before  you can move ahead in this marketing channel    2. Establish Your Marketing Emails      Before sending any email put yourself in               the shoes of your customers and answer               yourself is this email will really liked by                 them or not. Send one or two irrelevant                 content to your subscribers and you’ll             start finding yourself getting         unsubscribed. So one or two mistakes             and you are all done with your brand                 image. There are some points which you               should keep in your mind while             establishing your marketing email.    Send A Welcome Email Akka             Subscription Confirmation    Welcome Email is a very important part               when we talk about marketing emails. On               one side your welcome email will help               you in giving your customer a personal assistance and let them feel how important they                               are for you. On the other side this will help you in informing your customer that they are                                     going to attach to you.     Design A Brand Fitting Email    Once you’re confirmed that the person who you are going to send your email has given                                 you the permission for the same start sending them stuff they expected from you.     Never forget that your subscriber is not waiting for your email and your email is not the                                   only email in his inbox so try to make your email stand out of the whole garbage of                                       emails by delivering good content attractive images and compelling subject lines.

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Make Your Email Scannable    As I have already said you that never think that                     your subscriber is sitting just to check your                 email. You have only 5 seconds for you to                   appeal your customers very less time isn’t it.     So make your email scannable either by using                 compelling pictures or by providing less but               effective words.    These two terms are really very important and                 will give your email a strong base. So after                   you’re done with your hard work you’ve done in                   your email campaign never resist yourself from               testing your email because you don’t know on                 which device your email is going to be opened. Optimize it and check if your CTA is                                   clear or not if your page indentation is correct or not and if you’re facing any difficulties in                                     reading out your emails in different devices try to sort it out.    3. Check out The Email Marketing Laws    Before clicking the Send button and throwing your campaign go through all the email                             laws and check out if you’re violating any even by mistake. You can check ​Can­Spam                               Act for check the thread of all the email laws. Be sure that whom you’re sending email is                                     has given you their permission you’re not making any false commitment and serving                           any irrelevant stuff.    Give your subscriber a clear option to unsubscribe you at any point of time because it is                                   good to get unsubscribed rather than get reported as a spam.    4. Measuring your Email response    Last but not the least measuring your email response a part of email marketing which                               will help you increasing your reputation day by day. Maintain a complete data of how                               many emails of yours get to deliver how many of them get opened and how many                                 unsubscription you’ve faced. This will not only help you in improving your email from the                               next time but also will guide the dropping point of strategy.

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So If you’re small business owner and trying hard to get a good result from email                                 marketing follow these four steps and help yourself getting blunder of sales opportunities                           through this amazing marketing strategy.    Sarv is one of the leading web marketing and enterprise hosting  solution providers for all size of businesses. We offer 247  friendly customer support. To know more here:­    SARV.COM