Simple Techniques for Bringing Your Hip Hop Beat Instrumental to Life

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Simple Techniques for Bringing Your Hip Hop Beat Instrumental to Life:

Simple Techniques for Bringing Your Hip Hop Beat Instrumental to Life

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Even without having access to the most advanced synthesizer technology, the multitude of hip hop beat instrumental download products available to you as a songwriter now give you the weapons to compete with the artists who spend a fortune on studio equipment. Now all that you need is to have access to a good audio production sequencer or DAW and a few pieces of studio equipment in order to crank out professional sounding jams that sound as if they were made in a professional studio.

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However, certainly you are also aware of the fact that these options are now available to the producers and artists with whom you are competing in the music industry. Therefore, in order to make sure you stand out in the crowd, here are a few simple techniques that you can use for bringing your hip hop beat instrumental to life.

Creating Layered Echoes:

Creating Layered Echoes One simple technique that you can use for bringing your songs to life is the application of layered echoes. This is accomplished by starting one track or pattern and starting the same pattern again as the first one is halfway through. This type of the layered imitation is something that the great Baroque artist JS Bach used in thousands of pieces in order to create multiple layers and dimensions. This can be done with melodies, rhythms and even lead lines, although sometimes using this techniques with low pitched sounds can make the track come out a bit muddy. Just make sure that with your hip hop beat instrumental you experiment with different options and let your ear be your guide.


Retrograding Most DAW sequencers such as Ableton Live (which is used by artist DJ jazzy Jeff) are capable of playing samples backwards as well as forwards. Running a pre-recorded idea forward and then backward can create a symmetrical sound in a song and give you a lot more material to work with when it comes to creating rhythm sections and melodies. This simple technique is known as retrograding and can also be done with drum samples, melodies and baselines.

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Again, you might come up with some pretty funky sounding ideas while experimenting with retrograding. However, this is also a great way to extract multiple ideas out of one and to help in bringing your hip hop beat instrumental to life. Another cool technique you can use is creating layered echoes by using the retrograde as the echoed part.

Cutting and Splicing:

Cutting and Splicing Cutting and splicing premade samples is a brilliantly simple technique to completely change the sound of a baseline, melody or a drum sample. Splicing can be accomplished by cutting one of your loops into several parts and then rearranging the order of those parts to create a completely new sound. This technique is something that can again yield some pretty interesting and unique sounding results. However, the possibilities it creates are endless and even if you don't end up with something you can use, it is likely that you will be inspired by some of the cool new sounds you will hear for bringing your hip hop beat instrumental to life. So try out a few of these ideas and see where your creative imagination takes you!

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