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Future Foresight Internship project:

Future Foresight Internship project N ame: Ali Ateeq Al Dhaheri ID: 201531621 Advisor: Mohamoud Mohamed


Outline Introduction Issue. Issue identification. O rganization solution. Methodology Digital sessions. P rocess. D ifficulties. C onclusion Results Recommendations. References. Ali Al Dhaheri 201531621


Introduction Mission F uture Foresight Focusing on stakeholders, economic sustainability, promote competitivness and prosperity. I t helps to: 1- Avoid future challenging issues. 2- Implement new plans. 3- Serve customers and employees in better innovative way. 4- Support its mission. Ali Al Dhaheri 201531621


Issue Ali Al Dhaheri 201531621 Resistance to change No future foresight plans Only strategic plans Routine works Weak performance

Issue identification:

No future foresight plans Issue identification 1- No department responsible for future foresight. 2- No cultural awareness of foresighting in the organization. 3- foresighting plans conflict with some policies and legislations. 4- Lack of future foresight specialisit, expert and qualified people. Ali Al Dhaheri 201531621

Organization solution :

Organization solution P aying attention to the importance of future foresight and overcome obstacles like: Resistance to c hange among employees. Achieve foresighting goals. keep pace with fast growth. S olutions: 100 days intiatives launched by top management. I introduce two workshops related to an innovative future foresight. Ali Al Dhaheri 201531621


Methodology I have participated in first two digital sessions. leaders and Heads of the organization. Prepare online sessions. Decide the suitable application . Try session before. Discuss the activities. Send link to participant. I mplement session. Evaluate it and send results. P repare a report. S pread the news of it. Ali Al Dhaheri 201531621

Digital sessions:

(1) Building future foresight system. (2) 90 minutes in future foresight. Digital sessions 1- Difinition and importance of future foresight. 2- Think about organization situation after 15 years. 3- Imagine services provided by the organization after 10 years. 1- Discuss in deep the difinition and importance of future foresight. 2- Foresighting future professions and jobs. Ali Al Dhaheri 201531621

Process :

Purpose of the session. Collecting and revising ideas. Identify problem and refomulate it. Initialize creativity atmosphere. P rocess B oth sessions will include: Ali Al Dhaheri 201531621 Take ac t ual steps to promote and deepen the future foresight culture among leaders of the departments. U sing activities and break ice games. No integrated system of future foresight. N eed to start provoking thinking. Develop future scenarios. P ut plans and initiatives that suits scenarios. G iv ing leaders the oppurtunity to innovate, think and plan. All attendees should participate with new creative ideas and suggestions, and discussing different areas related to the issue.


Difficulties Ali Al Dhaheri 201531621


C onclusion Results Ali Al Dhaheri 201531621


Recommendations Ali Al Dhaheri 201531621 1- Recruit a fresh graduated for fresh and creative mind. 2- Spread the awareness and culture of the future foresight in the department. 3- Develop special suitable legislation and policies. 4- Build partnership with other organizations has been done with their future foresight plans.

References :

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