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Markus Heitkoetter Keeping Life Simple “Markus Heitkoetter founded Rockwell Trading, because of his many bad experiences within other trading companies.”


Markus Heitkoetter's company, Rockwell Trading offers strategies that are perfect for beginners, because they are not complicated or hard to follow. He designed these strategies to be easy to understand. This way of thinking is what makes his company so different from other trading companies. His team actually takes the time to explain all the necessary steps to their customers. Markus Heitkoetter has mastered trading strategies that are perfect for experienced traders to ‘add-on’ to other services.


Markus Heitkoetter Full Range Trading Company Markus Heitkoetter's company is unique from all other trading companies, because they teach the complete, full range of trading topics. This includes: options trading, day trading, trading for a living, stock trading, trading psychology, money management and more. Rockwell Trading's all inclusive programs are perfect for anyone who is a beginner or trader that needs help achieving his or her goals.


Markus Heitkoetter Creating A Best Seller In 2005, Markus Heitkoetter founded Rockwell Trading, a very successful trading company. The principles that he used to make his company a success were later applied to his 2013 book, The Simple Strategy. The book is currently a best seller and sits at the number one spot in three investment categories on

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