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Physical Disabilities:

Physical Disabilities

Disabilities :


Disabilities – Industry Canada :

Disabilities – Industry Canada Cognitive impairment Dexterity impairment Deaf-blind Elderly Hearing Learning Etc.


Dentures The real story

Dentures are....:

Dentures are.... Prostheses that replace lost teeth, jaw bones and gums. Sitting on the jaw bones and contribute to bone loss.

What causes tooth loss:

What causes tooth loss Neglect Poor oral hygiene Diet Impairment Genetics Xerostomia Smoking Drug abuse



PowerPoint Presentation:

90% loss of chewing function That means denture wearers are dentally disabled!!!! How do you feel about having dentures?

Canada Food Guide:

Canada Food Guide Daily recommendations: 8 servings of fruits and vegetables 8 servings of grains 2 servings of milk 2 servings of meat

Lunch for a Denture Wearer:

Lunch for a Denture Wearer Soft foods such as eggs, yoghurt, sushi, apple sauce Soft bread, soft spread, no lettuce Cut up fruits and vegetables Steamed or cooked foods, pasta Cookies, baked goods

Dentures Need Care:

Dentures Need Care Daily cleaning Annual check-ups Relines Repairs Replacement every 5-7 years Please be warned that the next slide is very graphic, don’t look if you have a sensitive stomach!!!!!!!!



Badly Worn Dentures!:

Badly Worn Dentures! The lower jaw slips forward, chin and nose come closer together. Patient always looks grumpy. Chewing function is affected by improper jaw position

Same patient with new dentures!:

Same patient with new dentures! Before After


Smile! Before After

Denture over Implants:

Denture over Implants

Immediate Dentures:

Immediate Dentures After Before

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