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Question No 1: Which two options are different ways to extend the Layer 2 domain beyond the ACI fabric Choose two. A. Configure fabric access polices on the ACI fabric to match the port settings at the remote end. B. Extend the bridge domain out of the ACI fabric. C. Extend the EPG out of the ACI fabric. D. Extend VTEP out of the ACI fabric. Answer: B C https://www.certs4you.com/cisco/400-151-dumps.html

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Question No 2: Which Cisco Nexus 1000v Switch CLI command is used to verify the connection between the Cisco Nexus 1000v Series Switch and VMware A. show module B. show svs domain C. show svd domain D. show svs connections E. show svd console Answer: D https://www.certs4you.com/cisco/400-151-dumps.html

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Question No 3: Drag and drop the term of the Cisco Prime Service Catalog from the left column onto the correct definition on the right. https://www.certs4you.com/cisco/400-151-dumps.html Answer:

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Question No 4: Which three commands must be run to enable support of adapter-fex on an interface on Cisco Nexus Switch Choose 3 A. feature adapter-fex B. feature-set adapter-fex C. feature-set virtualization D. feature fex E. switchport mode adapter-fex F. switchport mode vntag Answer: A C F https://www.certs4you.com/cisco/400-151-dumps.html

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Question No 5: Which two guidelines and limitations of NetFlow on Cisco NX-OS are true Choose two. A. Only Layer 2 NetFlow is applied on Layer 2 interfaces and only Layer 3 NetFlow is applied on Layer 3 interfaces. B. If you change a Layer 2 interface to a Layer 3 interface the software converts the Layer 2 NetFlow to Layer 3 NetFlow automatica C. You must configure a source interface. If you do not configure a source interface the exporter remains in a disabled state. D. The Cisco Nexus 2000 Series Fabric Extender does not support bridged NetFlow. E. Valid record name is optional to configure. Answer: AD https://www.certs4you.com/cisco/400-151-dumps.html

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Question No 6: Which mode must the cisco MDS VSAN be configured for so that it interoperates Correctly with a brocade fibre channel switch that is configured for interop mode A. Interop mode 2 B. Interop mode 4 C. Interop mode 3 D. Native mode E. Interop mode 1 Answer: e https://www.certs4you.com/cisco/400-151-dumps.html

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Question No 7: Which three statements about the system port profiles are true Choose three A. A system port profile cannot be converted to a port profile that is not a system port profile. B. System VLANs cannot be added to a port profile. C. In a single ESX host one VLAN can be a system VLAN on one port but a regular VLAN on another. D. A system port profile must be converted to a port profile that is not a system port profile. E. The native VLAN on a system port profile cannot be a system VLAN. F. A system port profile must be of the Ethernet type because it is used for physical ports. Answer: ACF https://www.certs4you.com/cisco/400-151-dumps.html

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Question No 8: Which three limitations or requirements do MP-BGP-based EVPN addresses have compared to the initial IETF VXLAN standard RFC 7348 Choose three. A. Network flooding through protocol-based host MAC/IP route distribution and ARP suppression on the local VTEPs B. active-passive multihoming at Layer2 C. requirement to disable multicast for underlay forwarding D. scalability limitations due to data-driven flood-and-learn behavior E. control-plane learning of end-host Layer 2 and Layer 3 reachability information which provides integrated bridging and routing in VXLAN overla networks. Answer: ADE https://www.certs4you.com/cisco/400-151-dumps.html

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Question No 9: When the administrator uses the commit command to activate the changes to the call home configuration it results in an error. Which is true A. Cisco Fabric service must be disabled for this command to work B. The commit call home command must be used C. Cisco Fabric Service must be enabled for this command to work D. The commit command is not require Answer: C https://www.certs4you.com/cisco/400-151-dumps.html

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Question No 10: Refer to the exhibit. https://www.certs4you.com/cisco/400-151-dumps.html Which statement is not true A. Chassis 1 in blade 2 has a major fault. B. Those service profiles have a user acknowledge maintenance policy configured. C. If you check Acknowledge All and click Apply the blades reload. D. Any user can acknowledge the reload Answer: D

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