Twelve Days of Christmas

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The Twelve Days of Christmas – Henry VIII and the Break from Rome. : 

The Twelve Days of Christmas – Henry VIII and the Break from Rome. Turn to Page 2 of this presentation and begin your investigation.

The Interpretations from History. : 

The Interpretations from History. ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ - Henry VIII - and the Break with Rome This page will provide you with material about The Break with Rome, and is an edited document which may be found in full on the NGFL. Below is a list of Internet Sites which you should visit to gather additional information to help you form an opinion as to the origins of the carol ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas. A wealth of information upon each Tudor Monarch can be found here, as well as an extensive image gallery. There is also a ‘Who’s who?’ section, Glossary, and links to further relevant information on this period. Although some students may find difficulty with the level of some of the language this webpage provides a brief and informative overview of the reign of Henry VIII. It also allows students to move on to move on read about and study each Tudor monarch in turn – thus aiding chronological awareness. An image of each monarch is available. Although designed for 7-10 year olds this website would help students at Key Stage in that it makes, what can be, quite difficult topics more accessible. It deals primarily the life and times of Henry VIII. Facts are broken down, easy to find and clearly explained. Henry VIII information page from the Spartacus website. Hyperlinks take you to further information, including pages upon other Tudor monarchs, monasteries and the Tower of London. A number of sources are also provided for analysis. Now write a paragraph or two in each of the work spaces below. The Turn to page 3.

The Assessment : 

The Assessment Firstly, answer the main ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’ Quiz. Then go back now and answer the simple Survey questions – there are only two.

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