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Mark Hunt Guarantees Not To Be Beaten On Price For Personalised Number Plates ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mark Hunt has been buying and selling cherished number pates for 35 years and is proud to announce that the company will not be beaten on price. Having been in the business for so many years the company has built up a huge stock of cherished number plates for sale that simply cannot be found anywhere else. Only one of each number plate has been issued by the DVLA so that plates that belong to Mark Hunt cannot be supplied by anyone else. Certainly there are several millions of other number plates available that may be offered by several dealers Mark Hunt included. In fact there are over 45 million personalised reg plates available at any given moment and Mark Hunt has access to all of them. This means that if you want a particular plate that is not part of the companys own stock it can nonetheless supply it provided it is available on the open market. Obviously there are still number plates that are not for sale such as Lord Sugars AMS 1 that is sitting on his Rolls Royce and he would not be prepared to part with it for any price. However of the millions of number plates that are still available to purchase Mark Hunt has access to all of them and makes a promise that the company will never be beaten on price by any other dealer. At the worst it will match the price offered by another company but in the vast majority of cases will be able to beat it.

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What this means for anyone hunting for a specific registration number is that they have no need to look anywhere else. If the particular reg they want is in the companys own stock then it cannot be purchased from another dealer anyway. If it is available on the open market and not part of the companys own stock then Mark Hunt will usually be able to supply it for less than any other dealer. The worst way is that it costs the same as from another dealer so this is why there is no point in looking anywhere else in the first place. In most instances you will get the number plate that you want for less than you can buy it anywhere else. All you need to do is enter the reg that you want into the search box on the company website and see if it is available. About the Company: Mark Hunt is a specialist dealer in cherished registrations and can supply any number plate that is available either from stock or on the open market. The company guarantees that its prices will not be beaten by any other dealer. URL:- Client Name:-Alan Hebbs Company Name:-MarkHunt Address:-The Fold Crow Tree Farm City:-Arram County:-Nr Beverley Post Code:-HU17 7NR Phone:-01964 552323 Email

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