Why the Engine Oil in Your Jaguar Leaks

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Among the various fluids used in your Jaguar, there are certain fluids that help in smooth running and better performance of the car. One such fluid is the engine oil which is vital for your Jaguar. However, engine oil leaks are one of the most common issues that is reported by most of the Jaguar drivers. Whenever there is leakage of the engine oil your car will produce strange noise from its engine compartments. Go through the slide to know the reasons behind the engine oil leaks in your Jaguar.


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Why the Engine Oil in Your Jaguar Leaks?


The engine oil leak is the common and terrible issues in your car because these small leaks may lead to serious issues in the car.


When the engine oil of the Jaguar leaks, then your car can produce strange noise from its engine compartments.


The engine oil leak issues in Jaguar also lead to flatted tires, starting issues and found oil under the parking space of the car.


You can easily deal with the engine oil issues of the car, by going through the causes behind it briefly.


The following points define the basic causes of engine oil issues in your Jaguar.


Oil Pan


The oil pan of Jaguar are generally used for keeping different parts of the engine and help them to move freely.


When it is attached to the bottom of the engine, it is damaged due to the debris entering into the engine while running on the road and cause oil leaks from the oil pan.


Oil filter


The oil filter is used to remove the dirt from the engine and pumped the oil around it. But Jaguar has additional parts for performing the filtration system.


When the oil filter of the Jaguar is loose, corrode and misaligned, then it can lead to potential oil leaks and need to change the oil filter.


Filter cap


The filter cap of Jaguar can cover up the engine compartment to put the oil into the engine. If the filter is damaged, then the oil drip even the car is stopped.


But the broken, loose or missing filter cap may spill out the oil from the engine in running cars. In Jaguar the engine will sprout out due to high pressure.


Oil Drain


The oil drain is accessible in your Jaguar from the underneath of the car and used to drain out the oil of the oil pan.


When the oil drain is misaligned or worn out due to the debris on the road can cause oil leaks. In this way, the drain plug goes into the oil pan to damage it.


Engine gasket


Generally in older model cars the oil is generally leaking from the engine gaskets. But in Jaguar the gaskets are sealed and joint the head of two engine metal components.


Overtime, the sludge builds up in the engine gasket and increase pressure to cause oil leaks as well as fail the seals of the engine gasket.


Final words


If you found yellow, red, dark brown oil leaks from your Jaguar engine, then make sure that your engine uses the oil faster than usual.


So, keep all the passengers of your Jaguar by diagnosing the oil leaks on proper time and try to fix it by a mechanic who is expert to handle Jaguar cars.


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