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My baby is a healthy, happy reflection of my love for my husband. Week 1


My baby will develop exactly the way it should develop into a healthy, whole and perfect baby. Week 2


My toxins will find a way to exit my baby without affecting my baby's growth or development. Week 3


My circulation maintains a healthy flow and regulates itself perfectly. Week 4


Within my uterus there is a miracle taking place, causing brand-new cells to communicate and divide with accuracy and precision to form a baby that is perfect in symmetry . Week 5


I have proper nourishment to take care of fetus needs to begin creating my beautiful and healthy baby. Week 6


My baby starts to grow right on schedule and just as it should to become a healthy, beautiful baby. Week 7


My baby is floating freely in an amazingly protected chamber that keeps it perfectly safe from all harm. Week 8


My baby is experiencing positive brain development and I get the exact nourishment and rest to ensure this process happens exactly the way it should. Week 9


I possess all of the instincts I need to welcome the first beat of my baby's heart into my body, and soon, my world. Week 10


I have everything my baby needs to form his precious organs, nerves and muscles. Week 11


As my baby's flexing and kicking begins, I welcome the feeling of flutters within as signs that my baby is alive and well. Week 12


I will consider everything I put into my body in how it works to nourish my baby's body as she begins to develop her own intestinal system that will one day perfectly process the food and drinks she eats. Week 13


My baby's skin starts to grow exactly the way it is intended and I welcome his beautiful skin inside my body. Week 14


My baby is learning how to laugh, smile, squint and even cry and wince , and each of her expressions are adorable . Week 15


My baby's body (and my own) are becoming plump in all the right places to help me nourish a perfectly healthy baby. Week 16


My baby's ears have opened to the sounds of this beautiful outside world. M y voice & Daddy's are the most soothing sounds she will hear . Week 17


Fine hair called lanugo starts to form all over my baby's body – its purpose is a mystery, so I will continue to trust in each and every one of Mother Nature's amazing miracles. Week 18


My baby's skin is starting to form new layers, each one working more to protect his incredibly complex system so that it can function in perfect unison. Week 19


My baby's blood cells are starting to make bone marrow, which will become a most perfect source of stem cells that could one day be of great benefit to him. Week 20


My baby's taste buds are developing so that she can soon experience the pleasure of indulging in the world's most delectable flavors. Week 21


My baby's lungs are preparing to expand and contract one day soon when she takes her very first, miraculous breath. Week 22


I practice breathing the right way, every day. Week 23


My baby already looks like a perfect little newborn, & every day is becoming ready to enter the world, ready to take it on. Week 24


My baby's body is putting the final touches on its neurological system. Her eyes and brain are working in unison , ready to take in and process the world with perfect precision . Week 25


I welcome that I may feel a sense of fear and anxiety about childbirth, but am learning to breathe out the fear and replace it with a curiosity about the amazing journey for which I am preparing . Week 26


I am completely prepared for and aware of my baby's presence as we continue connect on a deeper level. Week 27


I welcome Braxton-Hicks contractions as my body's way of teaching itself and knowing just what to do, when. Week 28


My heart is ready to love another human more than anything in this world. Week 29


It's perfectly acceptable for me to use these last few weeks to rest as much as possible. I should not feel guilt, but instead, relish in these last few moments of quietude . Week 30


I trust my body, my instincts and my heart to make the best decisions to bring the healthiest baby possible into this world. Week 31


Everything exists in a divine order, and my baby will be born right on schedule , according to her time. Week 32


Everything exists in a divine order, and my baby will be born right on schedule , according to her time. Week 33


As I count down the moments to my baby's birth, I grow with eager anticipation , and convert all of my fears into hopes and dreams for my baby's life . Week 34


My baby knows just what to do as he descends in preparation for labor. Week 35


Even though most doctors say my baby is full term, I know that it is best to let him choose his own due date, within reason. Week 36


Placenta provides anti-bodies and the baby and I are fully ready and able to deliver a new life into the world with peace and joy. Week 37


My baby is at full term and is fully prepared, eager , willing and ready to come into this world and meet us! Week 38


I visualize a labor that is exactly right for me, and will be strong to include only those I wish to welcome into my world during that precious time. Week 39


Whenever the baby is ready, I are fully ready and able to deliver a new life into the world with peace and joy . Week 40


I am completely prepared and capable to deliver a fully developed and healthy baby in divine order Week 41


I welcome my baby with all my love and peace. Week 41


My body is completely ready and able for this natural experience. Week 41

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