Quilting Fabric - Deal or No Deal

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Quilting Fabric - Deal or No Deal


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Quilting Fabric - Deal or No Deal?:

Quilting Fabric - Deal or No Deal?


Why do quilt shops charge more for their quilting fabrics? Don't they know you can buy it from a discount store for less? Sure they do. But they also know that "bargain" fabrics are not always a deal. Discount stores and quilt shops buy their fabric from the same manufacturers. But that doesn't mean they're buying the same quality. That's because fabric mills produce different grades of  fabric for different end users. For example, if you're sewing an outfit for a rough-and-tumble toddler, you'll probably use an inexpensive fabric. But, if you want to sew a quilt, you're more likely to choose a higher-quality fabric.


Seeing Double Sometimes discount fabric looks identical to quilt shop fabric. Both fabrics have the same print, and both come from the same manufacturer. But the discount fabric sells for less. What's going on here? To get a better understanding, let's find out how discount stores operate.


They Print Name-Brand Designs on Low-Quality Fabric In the textile world, they call this " downprinting ." This also occurs in the fashion industry where companies produce "knockoffs" of the latest designs. By printing a name-brand design on low-quality fabric, the discount stores can offer the quilt fabric for less. They Order Quality Fabric, but Scrimp on the Print In this case, the manufacturer applies less-than-desirable dyes or prints to quality fabric. To make matters worse, they don't seal  the dyes in the fabric. That means the dyes are going to bleed in the wash. Fabrics containing cheap dyes and inferior printing might not meet the manufacturers' standards. But if a discount store orders them  this way, the manufacturer complies.


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