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Final Project


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Final Project:

Final Project Marissa Milne [email protected] 10/15/14 FIT LIFST DESIGNLEKRAFFT2015


Introduction I did a tumbling class. It was an individual sport with other peers there. I did it at coach Caroline's Gymnastics.

Engagement Activities:

Engagement Activities I choose tumbling for this project because I love to flip and its great exercise. I did backflips back handsprings, etc. I did this activity every Monday with some of my friends for an hour. I did this activity every Monday.


Sportsmanship I think sportsmanship is being a good sport and encouraging yourself and others. I showed good sportsmanship after my basketball game, when we lost, I congratulated the other team. Or in my tumbling class when someone does something good we say good job. You cant be rude to anyone who is trying to learn something that you already have. Provide a picture of proof of good sportsmanship taking place during your project. This could be a personal picture or a team website showing specific examples of good sportsmanship, gym rules, honor codes, etc. YOUR PROOF HAS TO COME FROM YOUR PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. NO CLIP ART OR IMAGES THAT DO NOT BELONG TO YOU!!! In order to add a picture go to the top tool bar and click Insert and then click Picture .

Sports in other Cultures:

Sports in other Cultures My choice of activity is Soccer. In Brazil, its participation is different because they have laws to avoid ties. It runs from Mid August to until the end of May. Also, Major league season begins in mid-march and concludes in November. In Europe, a team can aim for being champion of the league based on having the best regular-season record. The Brazilian style is called Joga Bonito, it means to play beautifully. The Brazilian style differs from American or European style because they play creatively and have fun, while Americans and Europeans play more technically. The way the treat their teams is a difference. Here it was founded in 1927, and in Brazil it was founded in 1914. I don’t participate in soccer but it seems like it would be a lot of fun.\ My activity is Tumbling.

In-School Resources:

In-School Resources No my activity in my school, tumbling, is not offered. But we are trying to set up a group to make it offered. There is a running club at my school that I could join in the future and the weightlifting club at school too. My school, Atlantic High School, has activities but I don’t see them on their site. But this is the DECA program.

Community Resource:

Community Resource There is a breast cancer walk in October for Halifax hospital. Weightlifting, other running classes, Zumba. Etc

Proof of Participation:

Proof of Participation Every Monday

Final Thoughts & Reflections:

Final Thoughts & Reflections I think it is important to participate in this project cause it can show you great team work, and help you get active and stay healthy. Yes I do, weightlifting. I'm starting it right now at my school. I learned that I feel better after a long day cause it helps me relieve stress. My experiences were that if you don’t know something don't try to do it without a spot. You might hurt yourself. Yes I would recommend thus activity.

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