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Actinomyces & Nocardia :

Actinomyces & Nocardia

Actinomyces :

Actinomyces A.israelii, A.naeslundii; Gram positive; sulfur granule; Related to decay tooth and peridentitis


ACTINOMYCES Anaerobic, filamentous, gram positive bacillus Exhibit true branching “ Mykes ” – Greek for “ fungus ” Thought by early microbiologist to be fungi because of: Morphology Disease they cause

Clinical specimens:Actinomycosis-pus:

Clinical specimens:Actinomycosis-pus


ACTINOMYCOSIS Not highly virulent (Opportunist) Component of Oral Flora Periodontal pockets Dental plaque Tonsilar crypts Take advantage of injury to penetrate mucosal barriers Coincident infection Trauma Surgery


Actinomycosis A chronic suppurative and granulomatous 肉芽肿 disease of the cervico-facial, thoracic or abdominal areas


ACTINOMYCOSIS Form indurated masses with fibrous walls and central loculations with pus Pus contains "Sulfur Granules" Gritty, yellow white Average diameter - 2mm Composed of mineralized “ mycelial ” mass Chronic infection Form burrowing sinus tracts to skin or mucus membranes Discharge purulent material

Actinomycosis - sulfur granule:

Actinomycosis - sulfur granule

Pulmonary Actinomycosis:

Pulmonary Actinomycosis 15% of cases Aspiration of organism from the oropaharynx Slowly progressive process involving lung and pleura May be mistaken for malignancy Chest pain, fever, wgt loss and hemoptysis

Mycetoma (足菌病):

Mycetoma ( 足菌病) Streptomyces species?


Nocardiosis Subcutaneous infections, pulmonary infections, and brain abscesses N. asteroides; N. brasiliensis

Lab. Diagnosis:

Lab. Diagnosis Clinical Specimens:Sputum,Pus,Biopsy tissue Sulfamethoxazole-Trimethoprim

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