Happy Valentines Day Mom[1]

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Happy Valentines Day Mom : 

Happy Valentines Day Mom

I Love You Because.... : 

I Love You Because.... You help me with all my struggles. You are there for me when I need you. You never let me down. You never lie to me. You show me how to be a good person. You taught me right from wrong. You are the person I look up to. You made me the person I am today, a strong confident respectful man that never gives up.

You Are…. : 

You Are…. The person that makes me smile. The person I will always love. The person that I look forward to see everyday. The person I’ll never forget. The person I’ll always love.

You Are…. : 

You Are…. Nice. Sweet. Smart. Funny. A great dancer. A super mom. An awesome person. My role model.

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Mom I love you and I always will. I will always help you if you need me. I just want you to know I will never ever stop loving you. And that’s a PROMISE. I love you and don’t ever forget that.