arensmeyer christmas tree saga 2009

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The Arensmeyer Christmas Tree Saga : 

The Arensmeyer Christmas Tree Saga

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Here we go tree hunting. Loving Jeff's new hat/toboggan that my sister gave him. Yes? Rosie the three-legged wonder dog loves tree hunting with us

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The tree is FOUND!!! And so Jeff begins cutting.

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This is taking Mileena texts while Rosie stands guard.

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Still waiting.

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Action shot.

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Why is this tree not down yet?

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Whew! Finally! Jeff is exhausted, but we're all still excited about the tree.

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See...everyone is in a good mood. Even teen-age punk children who were forced to put down their phones for 6 seconds to take this picture. Also, the dog is grinning. I think I may need to burn this sweater though…or diet (Gah!)

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Tree is ready for transport.

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Rosie had a good time.

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Back at the house, Rosie dons her Reindeer garb in preparation for trimming the tree. She is VERY excited.

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And so the trouble begins...there's a definite tilt to the right. The tree has two trunks that branch off right at the bottom. Only two of the four screw thingies will touch no matter how we twist and turn the tree. We try straightening & then decide to try another tree base. We unscrew the tree, Jeff lifts while I swap out the bases. The tree weighs a TON…foul language may have been used. Thankfully, the child has wandered to another part of the house to check her MySpace.

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Jeff comes up with a plan involving Mileena's old building blocks. Ah yes, this looks well engineered.

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New problem? We have a BUNCH of Hallmark ornaments that have to be powered by non-blinking, mini-lights. The set of lights we used last year burned out and were discarded when we took the tree down and we forgot to replace. Jeff runs out to Walgreen's down the block for a new set…

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...and rips the side mirror off his car when he backs into the garage.When we get inside from looking at this...the tree has tipped over again. Also, the lights he comes back with?? Are pink (we’ll come back to that later.)

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This is an artificial tree.We finally gave up on the two trunk monstrosity and admitted defeat. Mileena and I went to Lowe's where the selection was almost caput, Home Depot, where they only had trees 5’ and under and then finally Walmart before finding a decent artificial tree.Remember the pink lights we were going to use to power the Hallmark ornaments??? They had a pink cord. Sorry, this was too ghetto even for us. We had to take that strand off & send Jeff back for more lights.

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Luckily...the new kitten, who's never seen a Christmas tree before, ran into the room, startled himself so bad that he shat a little on the carpet before running back out with his fur all poofed out. Mileena promptly stepped in it.Another time-out while Jeff cleans this up.

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Meanwhile, the original tree is out on the front walk. Notice how DARK it is outside??

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Finally, time to put the star on the new, artificial tree. Note: no whiney-butt-griping teenage children were harmed in the placement of this star, though perhaps they should have been.

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Another shot of the discarded “real” Christmas tree. Yes, it is still upright hours after Jeff set it outside. He grumbled a bit about that…however, it was on its side by morning, and that was WITHOUT the aid of the previously mentioned kitten (who eventually got over his fright and would SO have been up in the middle of it.) Anyway, don’t you know the neighbors love us?

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And finally, here we are…two trees, two tree stands, two strands of lights, a busted side-view mirror on Jeff’s Altima and NINE HOURS LATER. NINE. WHEW!!!

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On a final note…just to prove that I WILL NEVER LEARN…even though I should have just stopped with the tree already, I wanted get to put my porcelain nativity scene out. It is well packed in Styrofoam...each figure has its own little niche. As I am prying the baby Jesus from his, he shoots out, hits the fireplace cover and skips twice across the tile hearth. Thankfully, nothing chipped or broke...