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Successful Entrepreneurship through TVET for OIC Countries


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Dr. Md. Abu Raihan Associate Professor Department of Technical and Vocational Education (TVE) Islamic University of Technology (IUT)

Outline :

Outline Presentation Objectives: At the end of the presentation you will able to - ❒ Introduce the concept of entrepreneur and entrepreneurship in the context of TVET ❒ Share some successful histories of the entrepreneurs for TVET ❒ Explain the barriers of entrepreneurship to develop entrepreneurship through TVET

Entrepreneurship in TVET:

Entrepreneurship in TVET is the act of creation to give birth to new ventures i s a process which includes innovation & creativity i s considered as technique for self-employment (opposite of paid-employment) as well as creation of new jobs may serve as a tool for achieving youth empowerment .

TVET, entrepreneurial works & skills:

TVET, entrepreneurial works & skills TVET is the nursery for future entrepreneurs TVET prepares its graduates for employment in the workplace or in other words, TVET reduces unemployment in the society For entrepreneurial work, TVET curriculum should be shifted from content to competences. Entrepreneurial works: M echanics, Electronics, Apparel, Fashion design, Agriculture, Embroidery, Tailoring, Painting, Poultry farming. Entrepreneurial Skills: W orking in teams, Problem-solving, Thinking innovatively, Learning power.

The skills needed for successful entrepreneurship :

The skills needed for successful entrepreneurship The specific skills needed for successful entrepreneurship such as business plan drafting , accounting and marketing skills , knowledge of commercial laws and the administrative procedures for starting a business .

Ingredients (7 P’s) of successful entrepreneur for TVET:

Ingredients ( 7 P’s ) of successful entrepreneur for TVET Positivity: Mind set, positive m entality even in a negative t hings Passion: Do something you love, m ake your own stand, parents should not impose Something for their children Perseverance: Determination on your work Purpose: Bring life a meaning, purpose of our e xistence Patience: Entrepreneurship is more like a game, you will get results after playing Power of People: wore the power of people, People is power, read the book to know them Persistence: Hard work flowed by persistence.


CONCEPT OF ENTREPRENEUR An idea can change the whole world...


QUESTIONS FOR THE ENTREPRENEUR What business am I in? What are my products or services? Who are my competitors? Who is my target market? What’s the best marketing strategy? How should my resources be utilized? Source : (UNDP-ICCIA-SCCI , 2013)

Successful entrepreneurs :

Successful entrepreneurs My opinion: “The successful entrepreneurs are those who are involving with the activities of Learning, doing, failing and again learning to achieve and to implement his/her dream in reality”.

Successful entrepreneurs :

Successful entrepreneurs You are the Seed of Thought, the tiny seeds grew bigger & bigger…

Distinction between entrepreneur and manager :

Distinction between entrepreneur and manager Points Entrepreneur Manager Motive Main motive of an entrepreneur is to start a venture for his personal gratification Main motive of a manager is to render services in an enterprise already set by someone else Status Owner Servant Risk Assumes risk and uncertainty Manager does not bear any risk Rewards Profits, which are highly uncertain & not fixed Salary which is certain & fixed Innovation Thinks over what and how to produce goods to meet the changing needs of the people A manager simply executes plans prepared by the entrepreneur Qualification Needs to possess qualities : motive , high thinking , foresight, risk-bearing ability etc. Needs to possess distinct qualifications in terms of sound knowledge in management theory and practice

Entrepreneur :

Entrepreneur Entrepreneurs are not born but made … Design your jobs & Combine your ideas b ased on Socio-economic needs

Who can be an Entrepreneur of TVET?:

Who can be an Entrepreneur of TVET? Who can take moderate risks? Who possess skills in organizing? Who can exploit on opportunities? Who has some financial strength – On his own or borrowed Who has ability to work hard? Who does not have previous experience? Etc.


Entrepreneur “Age is not a factor to become an entrepreneur, Age is a number” – Sabirul Islam

What Makes a Successful Entrepreneur ?:

What Makes a Successful Entrepreneur ? “Fall seven times, stand up eight” - Japanese proverb

Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurship:

Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurship

Relationships between entrepreneur and entrepreneurship :

Relationships between entrepreneur and entrepreneurship Entrepreneur Entrepreneurship Person Organizer Innovator Risk-bearer Motivator Creator Visualizes Leader Imitator Process Organization Innovation Risk-bearing Motivation Creation Vision Leading Imitation

Enterprise / Innovativeness:

Enterprise / Innovativeness Persona ……………………… Beauty parlor Cracraft , Aarong …………………….. Handicraft Labamba ………………………………. .Fast-food Hateel , Otobi …………… Furniture producer Family Needs, Mena Bazar, Agora ……… Mega Shopping Travel Shop (vegetable, clothing, etc.), Floating Tea-seller etc.

Features of successful Entrepreneurship:

Features of successful Entrepreneurship

Successful entrepreneur/entrepreneurship:

Successful entrepreneur/entrepreneurship If you are born poor, it’s not your mistake, but if you die poor, it’s your mistake – Bill Gates

Successful entrepreneur (??):

Successful entrepreneur (??) Many people believes that people are born entrepreneurs or Some people thinks only genius can become entrepreneurs

My opinion “there have no/less significant correlation between educational qualifications & successful entrepreneur”:

My opinion “there have no/less significant correlation between educational qualifications & successful entrepreneur” “I failed in some subjects in exam, but my friend passed in all. Now he is an engineer in Microsoft, and I’m the owner of Microsoft” – Bill Gates

Why you want to become a successful entrepreneur? :

Why you want to become a successful entrepreneur? To solve the problems of - Food Clothing Shelter Education Health Poverty is absence from all human rights. The goal of entrepreneurship is to reduction the level of poverty. TVET must be master key that can alleviate poverty (UNESCO, 2004)

Poverty alleviation & job creation :

Poverty alleviation & job creation “What is poverty? Is it in the person? Is it something missing in the people? Nothing’s wrong in the poor people. Poverty does not created by the poor people. Poverty is created by the system, by the policy by the institution that it had got; the rules what we had creates poverty ”. “We had something wrong thus poverty creates, and lets do something right so that poverty disappears” – Prof. Dr. M. Yunus


Poverty “Poverty is not something inherent in human being; poverty is artificially imposed in human being” – Prof. Dr. M. Yunus


Examples “The poor people are the Bonsai people” – Prof. Dr. M. Yunus

Successful history of entrepreneurship (Example of Grameen Bank):

Successful history of entrepreneurship ( Example of Grameen Bank) Microcredits or Micro-financing Grameen -Adidas Grameen-Danone Some practical perspectives

Successful history of entrepreneurship (Example of Grameen Bank) :

Successful history of entrepreneurship ( Example of Grameen Bank) Grameen -Beggars program “You cannot get a Dollar without a Dollar in your hand, in poor people nobody gives the first Dollar to catch the next Dollars ” - Prof. Dr. M. Yunus

Successful history of entrepreneurship (Example of Grameen Bank):

Successful history of entrepreneurship ( Example of Grameen Bank) Empowering Women : Grameen health care program Polli Phone or Village Phone (VP ) Producing entrepreneurs by Study loan “ The child born in the streets has the same potentials the child born in the Palaces, but the Society has decided who should do well” – Prof. Dr. M. Yunus

Sabirul Islam -Young entrepreneur inspires millions :

Sabirul Islam -Young entrepreneur inspires millions Published Books of Sabirul Islam The World at Your Feet (2008) Publisher: Lulu Press ISBN: 978-1847993977 The World at Your Feet: Three Strikes to a Successful Entrepreneurial Life (2009) Publisher: Marshall Cavendish , ISBN: 978-0462099521 Young Entrepreneur World: How 25 Teen- Trepreneurs Succeeded and Left World Leaders Scratching Their Heads , Publisher: Marshall Cavendish Business, ISBN: 978-9814361095

Successful history of entrepreneurship:

Successful history of entrepreneurship "Our parents [simply] want us to earn a university degree and get a good job. To them, that's the yardstick of success. They cannot even remotely think that their children should do something on their own" – Sabirul Islam

My Opinion:

My Opinion An entrepreneur may not always be an ‘innovator’ but an ‘imitator’ who would be tempted to copy the success stories of others


BARRIERS TO ENTREPRENEURSHIP or BARRIERS TO DREAMS Lack of a viable concept Lack of market knowledge Lack of technical skills Lack of business know how lack of motivation Social stigma Inhibitions due to patents Etc.


Recommendations TVET curriculum should includes creativity, innovations, risk taking and ability to plan and manage small projects in order to achieve objectives of self-employment (decentralized-employment & income) as well as creating of jobs. Occupational skills according to the occupational standards needed to be integrated in the classroom teaching as preparation of TVET graduates to world of work. Entrepreneurship Education in TVET should be integrated & expanded effectively.


CONCLUSIONS “You will be a job given, not a job seeker” – Prof. Dr. M. Yunus “Poverty will be only found in the Poverty-Museum ” – Prof. Dr. M. Yunus

Any Questions? :

Any Questions?


Questions & Comments

Group Activities (Make each group with 6 persons and discuss the following) :

Group Activities ( Make each group with 6 persons and discuss the following ) list of Entrepreneurial Qualities . Discuss them briefly. Discuss the following factors of Entrepreneurial Formation: (1) Psychological factors, (2) Sociological factors, (3) Environmental factors. What are your recommendations for developing Entrepreneurship for the Technical Graduates? List the names of entrepreneurial skills which can be acquired through TVET. Give some ideas of new/modern enterprises what can be done (in future) by the TVET graduates What are the common barriers of entrepreneurship of the OIC countries?  

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