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Rotary airlock valve is a very important tool in industries that is used to minimize the system losses while exchanging the material between the vessels with various pressures. Mantra filtration is the rotary airlock valve manufacturer which provides you the best quality product as well as service. Mantra filtration is also the manufacturer of a screw conveyor, discharge electrodes, I.D/F.D fans and all type of insulators.


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Overview of Rotary Airlock Valves:

Overview of Rotary Airlock Valves

What is Rotary Airlock Valve:

What is Rotary Airlock Valve The prime work of a Rotary Airlocks is to control the spill out of one chamber to another while keeping up a decent sealed area condition. The item is chiefly in dry powder or granular shape.

Different Names of Rotary Airlock Valve :

Different Names of Rotary Airlock Valve There are three proper names which are all around acknowledged when alluding to this item. There are: Rotary Feeder Rotary Valve Rotary Airlock

Types of Airlock Rotary Valve:

Types of Airlock Rotary Valve Drop through Rotary Valve Blow-Thru Valves Standard Duty Rotary Valves

Materials of Construction:

Materials of Construction Cast Iron Cast steel Aluminum Heat resistant steel

Cast Iron :

Cast Iron Cast iron is iron which contains a little measure of carbon. It is hard and can't be twisted so it must be made into objects by casting .

Cast steel:

Cast steel Steel consist of various number of carbon, manganese, phosphorus, silicon, and sulfur that is cast into shape rather than constructed.


Aluminum Aluminum is flexible, light-weight, fire resistance, heat-proof, easy to work into new shapes. It reflects light and heat very efficiently and it does not rust.

Heat resistant steel:

Heat resistant steel Steel Resistance Steel alludes to the steel with the capacity of opposing scaling temperature over 500 °c

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