Popular Vape tricks

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Vape fans like to show off their skills through the vape tricks. There are beginners, intermediate and advanced tricks. You need to practice to become a pro at it.


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Popular Vape Tricks

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About Vape Tricks Are you a vape fanatic? Want to show off your vape tricks to everyone out there? Well, depending on the type of vaper you are, there are many interesting tricks to try out . Apart blowing smoke rings, you can try out more. There are some things for everyone. You get beginners trick, intermediary and advanced tricks .

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The Dragons Breath Trick This is an easy trick. It appears as if you are blowing smoke from four holes of your face. It looks really impressive. This is one of the vape tricks for the beginners. Inhale long and once the mouth is full exhale through nose and then sides of the mouth. You need to master it and for that practice is important .

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The Ghost Inhale Trick It is also known as the mushroom cloud or snape inhale. It is one of the easiest tricks you can try. You need to release a ball of vapor, then snap it back. If you are beginner you can definitely start with it. Take a long drag and let it linger in the mouth. Gradually push the vapor out from the mouth and inhale back in fast.

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The Waterfall The waterfall is one of the rather interesting vape tricks you cannot afford to miss. To do the trick, you need a bottle including frozen water at the bottom. Now, slowly blow the vapor into it and pour it all out. You will find the vapor pouring like a waterfall.

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The Table Tornado Trick It is one of those vape tricks intermediates can try. To do this, you need to exhale vapor into a flat surface. It should be thick, smooth and still. Use your arm to chop at the surface, then flick the wrist and lift the arm. You must do it in one fast move. This makes the vapor into a tight twist panel.

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