5 Things Which Make a City Great

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5 Things Which Make a City Great:

5 Things Which Make a City Great


It is not so difficult to define the things which make up a great city. Even though every urban designer has a unique idea to come up with a perfect city, there are certain things which are essential and will always play a major role to complete any city. Urban design services in New York , London, and Madrid have made those cities what they are today and have made them perfect not only for the natives but for the tourists as well. As per some of the most reputable urban design services, following are the 5 things which make up a great city:

Open To Everyone:

Open To Everyone A city should always have public parks and plazas where people can go and enjoy themselves. They should be able to identify themselves with such places and they must be made safe, accessible, and easy-to-use. Accommodating different needs, requirements, and goals of people, the public places should not cater to a unique set of people and must have something to offer to everyone.

Maintaining the High Demand:

Maintaining the High Demand Good cities and places attract the attention of the masses and can accommodate the needs of the growing population. People from different regions come to urban places to either settle or just to visit and a city should be able to cater to the demands of the visitors as well as those of the residents. There should be enough roads for the vehicular traffic and pavements for the pedestrians so that people can live with ease.

Allowing Development Opportunities:

Allowing Development Opportunities With the passage of time, a city requires continuous development to accommodate the growing needs of the population. The technological advancements need to be adjusted to facilitate the citizens and to ensure that they are living a comfortable lifestyle. If a city doesn’t have the capacity to incorporate development and changes in it, there are bleak chances of it becoming a great place to live in.

Sustainable and Livable Environment:

Sustainable and Livable Environment A good place is designed keeping in mind some essential human needs which the modern society is not paying heed to. To improve the quality of life in a city, pollution and noise must be minimized and there should be plenty of fresh air. Clean water and security from various emergency situations should be guaranteed so that a perfect living environment can be provided.

Nurturing a Civil Society:

Nurturing a Civil Society Cities can turn into chaotic places when they are not handled rightly or if discipline is not imposed. Public places require extreme care both by the people and the authorities, therefore, it is extremely important that they should not be ignored. Otherwise, the final result will not be something civilized and the cities cannot become places where people can reside in peace.


If a city is built keeping in mind these five factors, it is a perfect place to spend your life. Such a city will ensure that the residents enjoy a healthy and comfortable lifestyle and do not have to live an in a compromised way.

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