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6/14/2009 BY SWASTI SHARMA 1 EARTH IS NOT ENOUGH Did you ever dream of traveling in space?

For a fast trip for space : 

6/14/2009 BY SWASTI SHARMA 2 For a fast trip for space If you are an adventurer with pockets deep enough to pay a few thousands dollars, then it’s high time to let the adrenaline flow loose and catch up with the new fad: space tourism-moon. For a quick jaunt beyond the earth atmosphere and several minutes of zero-gravity weightlessness. A wide range of people like scientists, entrepreneurs, business people and people who really have a vision of wanting to go into the space are competing to book their seats.

A fast growing business : 

6/14/2009 BY SWASTI SHARMA 3 A fast growing business . Virgin galactic is one of several private company's trying to kick –start the space tourism industry, democratise the astronaut corps and turn a profit doing so. The company, part of flamboyant businessman Richard Branson’s virgin group, has recruited about 200 people for 2 ½ hour suborbital flights abroad an eight seat spacecraft FOR MORE INFO... The company has offered complimentary tickets to only two people. One is British astrophysics Stephen Hawking. The other person who ride free on virgin flight is scientist James Lovelock.

First flight : 

6/14/2009 BY SWASTI SHARMA 4 First flight Initially, virgin galactic will take off from a space port America opens in late 2009 or early 2010. Supporters believe the spaceport will attract the jobs and business to the area. Virgin plans to established its global headquarters in New Mexico.

Space hotels : 

6/14/2009 BY SWASTI SHARMA 5 Space hotels American motel tycoon Robert Bigelow has acquired the designs for inflatable space habitats from the Transhab program abandoned by NASA. It is also currently planning to launch a prototype space station module by late 2008, and plans to officially launch the first commercial space station by 2010 which will have 330 cubic meters.

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