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We Will Provide Best Clinical SAS Online Training WIth Industry realtime Clinical Trail Project


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Clinical Research Basics Drug Development Process, Clinical Research Terminology, Departments and Roles in a CRO, Overview of a typical Clinical Trial, Understanding Clinical Trial Data, FDA, CDISC,

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BASE/SAS Introduction, An Overview of the SAS System, SAS Windows, Introduction to SAS Programs, SAS Naming Conventions, SAS Data Libraries, Creating SAS Datasets, Assigning Variable Attributes, Changing Variable attributes, Understanding DATA Step Processing, Types of errors, Debugging Techniques,

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BASE/SAS: Data Cleaning Techniques, Defensive Programming Techniques, Functions Combining SAS Datasets , Procedures, Understanding ODS (Output Delivery System), Conditional Processing , Arrays

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Advanced SAS: Introduction to Macros , Mechanics of Macro processing , Macro variables, Macro Programs, Macro functions, Proc SQL, PROC SQL Basics, Selecting Columns, Using Inner Joins ,Using Outer Joins, Joining Multiple Tables

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Statistics: Introduction to Statistics and Biostatistics, What is P-Value?, What is Hypothesis Testing?, Using Proc Freq to analyze Categorical Variables , Using Proc Univariate to analyze Continuous Variables, Using Proc Corr , Proc Reg , Using Proc Logistic, Using Proc TTest (One- Sample,Two -sample), Using Proc NPar1way for Non-Parametric Analysis, Using Proc Anova

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SAS/GRAPH: Introduction to Graphs and Figures, Different statements used in creating Graphs, Producing Bar and Pie Charts, Producing Scattered Plots, Line Plots, Kaplan Meier Plots

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Clinical Trial Project: Understanding CRF(Case Report Form), Protocol, SAP (Statistical Analysis Plan), Mocks (Mock Shells), Specs (Specifications), Classifying clinical trial data, Understanding Issue log, MOM (Minutes of Meeting), SOP(Standard Operating Procedures), SAS programming guidelines, Study populations,

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Clinical Trial Project: study day calculation, Windowing data, Transposing data, LOCF, Change from baseline, Creating Safety tables, Creating Efficacy tables, Creating Shift tables, Creating listing report, Validation and QC checks.

Slide 9:

CDISC – SDTM Mapping: CDISC Scope and Standards, Overview of concepts, SDTM-Implementation, SDTM Standards, Domain models, Domains and assumptions, Special-Purpose Domains, CRF versus SDTM Domains, Mapping Process, Define.xml

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