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Our easy to understand guide details all you need to know about IR35 legislation and how this can affect you as a contractor. The guide explains what IR35 is and why it was introduced, how IR35 rules work and how to determine your status. For more information on this subject please visit:


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your guide to:

your guide to IR35 legislation

1. An introduction to IR35 legislation...:

1 . An introduction to IR35 legislation... The IR35 legislation came into force in April 2000 It was introduced because the Government believed that some contractors were providing their services through a limited company as a means of avoiding tax and national insurance contributions

How does it work?:

How does it work? In a commonplace business relationship there is no contract between you, the Contractor, and the End Client IR35 therefore creates a hypothetical contract to establish what the relationship would be if you were engaged directly by the End Client Would it be deemed: a Contract of Service?, i.e. employment or a Contract for Services?, i.e. self employment

2. IR35 rules explained - determining your status:

2 . IR35 rules explained - determining your status HMRC will determine your employment status by looking at 2 things: contract wording which shows the engagement to be between two independent parties and... working practices that demonstrate this independence

Determining your status:

Determining your status HMRC will consider 3 key areas of any engagement: Control – to establish whether the End Client is controlling the work, or whether the Contractor has reasonable autonomy in the performance of the services Substitution – t o establish whether it is your company that has been engaged to provide the service, or you personally Mutuality of Obligation – to establish whether the End Client is obliged to offer you more work and – if it is offered – whether you are obliged to accept it

3. IR35 Contract Reviews - why have your contract reviewed? :

3 . IR35 Contract Reviews - why have your contract reviewed? It gives you the peace of mind to know that if your engagement does fall outside of IR35 then you can distribute the company profits accordingly Y ou have an independent opinion which shows that you have taken reasonable care to establish the tax opinion and HMRC therefore cannot justify the levying of a financial penalty

What’s involved in an IR35 Contract Review? :

What’s involved in an IR35 Contract Review? The review has two distinct parts : the contract wording is considered with particular attention paid to how it deals with the three key elements of control, substitution and mutuality of obligation a questionnaire (which you will be asked to complete) will seek to address both the working practices of the assignment and the business practices of your company

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