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If you’ve used another app to begin learning Spanish, terrific! MamaLingua can be used right alongside it. The difference between other language-learning apps and MamaLingua is the specific focus on language you use every day with your young kids.


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Mama Lingua

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Why MamaLingua ? We believe that learning a second language feeds the brain and the heart. When you learn another language, you not only learn a new way to communicate, you learn new ways of perceiving the world.

Slide 3: Learn and Use Spanish Every Day with MamaLingua !

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Your Turn to Learn, Your Turn to Teach MamaLingua offers a way for parents to learn Spanish and teach it to their children. Learn, then teach. How do we do it? Through everyday routine. ​ MamaLingua is based on something called “chunk” learning. It’s all about breaking down information into bite-sized pieces that are related to one another. Like in daily routines.

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MamaLingua is for parents of young kids. While a two-year-old can probably figure out how the app works (it’s that easy), it’s really designed for adults. If you know little to no Spanish, awesome! The app is for you! (If you’re fluent in Spanish and your significant other is ready to learn, then the app is for them!)

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