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HRD climate and Practices:

HRD climate and Practices By: Rupesh Patil Roll No: 44

HRD Climate:

HRD Climate Introduction : Human resource development (HRD) is concerned with the provision of learning and development opportunities that support the achievement of business strategies and improvement of organizational, team and individual performance.


HR+D+Climate HR means employees in organisation, who work to increase the profit for organisation. Development, it is acquisition of capabilities that are needed to do the present job, or the future expected job. Climate : this is an overall feeling that is conveyed by the physical layout, the way employees interact and the way members of the organization conduct themselves with outsiders.

Characteristics Of HRD Climate:

Characteristics Of HRD Climate A perception that developing the competencies in the employees is the job of every manager. A general climate of trust Team spirit A tendency to be open in communication and discussion rather than being secretive. Encouraging risk taking and experimentation.

Need Of HRD:

Need Of HRD Top to Bottom effort : Organization is considered to be complete organization after including top authority to bottom line of workers. Motivator role of Manager and Supervisor : To prepare Human Resource Development Climate, Manager and Supervisor’s responsibilities are more or we can say that they are the key players.

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Faith upon employees : In the process of developing HRD Climate employer should have faith on its employees capabilities. Feedback : Feedback should be taken regularly to know the drawbacks in system. This will help to gain confidence in employees mind .

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Helpful nature of employees : Whenever we talk about 100% effort then we have to talk about employees effort too. Encouraging and risk taking experimentation : Employees should be motivated by giving them authority to take decision.

Measuring HRD Climate :

Measuring HRD Climate Economic condition Leadership Style Organisation size

Practices in India:

Practices in India HR Practices: A Best “Practice” in HR is a particular method, approach, or practice of managing people which has a positive impact on a company’s overall business performance by improving employee satisfaction, employee motivation, and customer Satisfaction, and/or bottom-line business performance.

Good HR Practices in india:

Good HR Practices in india Committed towards a mode of management that aims at building a workforce that is motivated and aligned to organizational objectives. Many HR practices are used for the employees, but these practices can be categorized on the following basis:

Financial Practices:

Financial Practices Reward and Recognition Scholarship Program Occasional Gifts Annual free medical checkup Domiciliary reimbursement Uniform distribution

HR Practices:

HR Practices System of half yearly appraisal review Home Visit Safety related Training Sports day and Annual day Monthly employee communication Birth day celebration Of employees

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Idea Acceptance Award Employee of the month

Motivational impacts of these practices:

Motivational impacts of these practices Distribution of similar uniform to all the employees develops the feeling equality to the employees. Scholarship program provided to the kids of associates reduce the financial burden of the studies. One of the important practices which improve the skills of the employees is learn smart and training facility, which encourages them to work confidently.

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Reward and recognition is a practice which motivate the employees to do some good works apart from their duties. Home visit a practice in which staff members visit the associate’s house and take the pictures of their kids and these pictures are pasted in plant, which encourages the employees. Visual Recognition is a practice which immerge the feeling of recognition by their bosses after doing some special work

Importance of HRD Practices:

Importance of HRD Practices Energizes and encourage employees to work. Increase loyalty of employees towards the organization. Attract Man Power Reduce Absenteeism Reduce Turnover

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