Scariest Places on Earth by Judge Malcolm Simmons

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Judge Malcolm Simmons will give you details about the top five Scariest Places on Earth. Malcolm Simmons advises you to stay away from these places at any cost. For more information about Malcolm Simmons & Judge Malcolm Simmons so visit on here: -


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Top Five Antique Places In The World:

Top Five Antique Places In The World By : Malcolm Simmons

1: Catacombs of Paris :

1: Catacombs of Paris Judge Malcolm Simmons While roaming on the streets of Paris, you can easily say that under your feet lie many humans. Even if not alive, their remains do lie there. The destination talked about here is an 18th century cemetery and a mass graveyard coupled with a jumble of tunnels that run beneath the city of Paris and is usually referred as Parisian Catacombs.

2: Shades of Death Road :

2: Shades of Death Road Malcolm Simmons For all those of you who are thinking that this would be just another nick name to a road by locals, I must tell you that “Shades of Death” is the official name of a two-lane rural road which runs for about 7 miles in the countryside of New Jersey. There still hasn’t been any definite evidence as to why the road was given this name but, as usual there exists many stories about that too

3: Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum :

3 : Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum Judge Malcolm Simmons It is a museum situated in the Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia. It was formerly a high school building which was used as a Security Prison for the period of 1975-1979 by the Khmer Rouge regime. It was a centre for torturing and murdering the prisoners, most of which were the former soldiers of Lon Nol regime.

4: Leap Castle :

4: Leap Castle Malcolm Simmons It can be easily said to be the most haunted yet fascinating castle in Ireland. The castle was built in the late 15th century by the O’Bannon clan but it is said to be taken by the ruling O’Carroll clan, as the formers were the subject to the latter. In 1532, rivalry broke down in the family turning brother against brother. This eventually led to blood shed with the death of one brother by another.

5: Borley Rectory :

5: Borley Rectory Judge Malcolm Simmons It was a huge Victorian style mansion which became to be known as “the most haunted house in England.” It was built in the year 1862 with the prime purpose of housing the Borley church’s rector and his family. The unexpected events were first witnessed in around 1863 when people reported of hearing footsteps in the house, even when no one was there.