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Learn More About Malcolm Simmons And Judge Malcolm Simmons Malcolm Simmons

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American Football is an incredibly physical sport. At any moment in the game, players are crashing into each other at high speeds, fighting and wrestling for superiority. The game is frantic, fast paced and to the untrained eye nothing short of chaotic. However, as physical as the sport is, it may be surprising to find out that you don’t need to be a particularly physical person to play the game. In fact, you don’t even need to be in shape, Judge Malcolm Simmons .

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Malcolm Simmons, In order to prove that to you,let’s take a look at the physicality of a number of players from the world’s most successful American Football league, the National Football League in the United States, Judge Malcolm Simmons .

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Of course, as with any sport at its highest level, the NFL is filled with supremely athletic individuals. Malcolm Simmons , running back for the Minnesota Vikings, is 6 feet and 1 inch tall (1.85m) and weighs 217 lb (98 kg). From a standing position, he can jump 38.5 inches vertically and 10 feet 7 inches horizontally. If you led two average sized women head to toe he could clear both of them with relative ease, Judge Malcolm Simmons .

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