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Can you make your own beats? Yes, just use these 9 tools and you will be on your way to creating beats in no time. Visit:


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If you’re going to get serious about making beats, you will need a strong computer . You will need to work with either Mac or PC , with few exceptions.

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DAW is an acronym that you will find all over the place, and it stands for digital audio workstation . It’s a solution that lets you turn your computer into a full blown recording studio . Brought to you by >>>

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You’ll want to invest in a  USB audio interface. Don’t worry, this is not going to break the bank as there are some options that are lower than $100 out there.  This can help with audio compression and relay to your computer’s DAW.

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MIDI keyboards aren’t expensive, and they can help you get the right tone, create melody’s and control your library of music sounds. Want To Learn About Selling Your Beats online?. click here

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You need to get a dynamic, condenser microphone . You want to have clear audio if you’re going to record any type of vocals, and you need to make sure that you invest in pop filters, as well. Brought to you by >>>

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Don’t just throw on a pair of earbuds , you’re going to need studio level,  monitor headphones . Get ready to spend upwards of $100 to $500 on these things, and make sure that they are noise cancelling, and isolating. Brought to you by >>>

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Remember, you’re making beats , not just listening to music. This means that you will need to hear every sound, every pop, hiss, and more. Brought to you by >>>

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Unless you’re going to play live drums for your beats, you’re going to need to purchase a drum controller . These are simple to use, and can let you move forward with all sorts of drum sounds .

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Studio monitors are going to help you get those mixes to the next level. There are great studio monitors that sound great and are extremely affordable like the KRK Rokit 5 or the M-Audio BX5. Brought to you by:

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You need to have a collection of sounds and samples to make beats sound more professional. The more sounds you have, the more beats you can create, and the more inspiration you will have. Brought to you by:

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The more storage space you fill up with recorded sounds , the higher the chances are that you are going to end up with the next great beat in your head. Brought to you by:

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